If you liked Cher's acting in this film you should check out "Mermaids" if you haven't seen it yet. Excellent movie.
Yet another classic with Cher. This one was very much outside her comfort zone and it paid off well. If you for some reason have not seen this one still, now would be the time to do youself a favor and watch!
Yeah, I've made my "to-see" list sticky, so I could be reminded everytime I look at my journal to see those movies.

I've watched The Witches of Eastwick yesterday. Frankly, it doesn't make much sense. There are HUGE plot holes throughout the movie. And I really don't know who would think Cher, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer would make a sexy trio. It has some good dialogues (mainly from Jack Nicholson), but that's about it. The constant references to sex and the diminution of men left me wonderingif this movie was about the sexual liberation of women.

In other news, I plan on spending the next two week not doing anything. We are handing support of our application to another group (because I'm going back to school and they don't have any other interns), so I have to stay at my office and wait for their e-mails and calls in case they need any help. That means that I'll have a lot of free time to post in my 2000th post thread. Check it out if you haven't seen it, I would like to believe it's not half bad.

As for the Official Babe Award, today, it goes to Ashley Judd. Sure, she can't act. Sure, she always end up in movies so boring they make the Tsetse fly jealous. But man, is she one HOT and completely sexual piece of ass.

...results in a mildly amusing spell in The Witches of Eastwick...maybe I'm just tired of seeing Jack Nicholson in the same over-the-top performance or maybe I was expecting the three glamorous supposed-to-be witches-- Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Sarandon and Cher-- brewing up wild potions and concoctions and having the time of their lives...instead I was treated to a story of three hapless women hoping to find the man of their dreams and ended up sharing the same bed with a Hugh Hefner-type character...left me un-Charmed...

it was humorous and enjoyable enough to merit a 5 out of me. the trio of women complimented ecah other very well... and most movies where jack nicholson plays the devil turn out to have an amazing cast selection. not the best movie plot wise, or the most original, but it had some good performances.
Compentant movie...well acted...funny in spots....just not my cup of tea.
This was a pretty cute movie. I liked it.
The woman were sexy, Jack was scary, and that Lady who broke her leg and died was funny as hell!
Comments pending.
Witches of Eastwick (1987)

Jack Nicholson turns in a great performance as the devil in a just-above-average movie.