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The Wicked 2013

A Group of teenagers test the legend of an immortal witch and get more than they bargained for...

Release Date:
April 30, 2013
105 min
Peter Winther ...
Nicole Forester, Devon Werkheiser, Justin Deeley, Caitlin Carmichael ...
Horror, Thriller, Action ...

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Solar rating: 6.9


Imdb rating: 3.7


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This is funny as H E double hockey sticks! The music was good though....
just ran into this movie seems to be okay
Its like a horror movie for kids .. an episode of goosebumps or something along those lines ... 3/10
You can just tell producers are running out of names for movies these days. "Wicked" loool get real! If you are going to use that kind of scary name for a villain, then there better at least be like... a 3rd arm growing out of her pus-filled dislocated shoulder, that turns into a 15-inch blade, used to gouge out victims eyeballs to sell on the black-witchmarket. 6.5/10 only because the beginning made the movie promising, and the decent acting from the tweens.
Boring. Sooo predictable. Not scary. Acting was subpar even for a B movie. 4/10
Movie was an ok B rated movie.. its a good one time see if your not doing much.
this was a pretty good movie its a bit boring in the beginning but trust me its gets good, the witch is awesome.
I don't know. Great video and audio but all I was seeing was a whole lot of really bad acting. Watched for about 15 min and couldn't keep watching. But I guess if your bored it's ok.
It looks alright,I'm gona check it out.
There is rice all over my bed because my mom walked in on me watching it! She scared me! Great Movie!
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