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not a family movie, however def. funny for adults
Was slow but funny so glad I watched, vince vaughn cant do wrong in these kind of movies, I loved the combination of humour and drama in film. 9/10
wow. great movie. better then it looks.
The Watch was pretty dang good, a lot better then the reviews. Movie was funny as hell, laughed out loud a lot, I would have been the guy in the theatre that couldn't stop laughing; Especially when they encounter the alien for the first time *taking pictures*. 7.8/10
Good fun, with some funny moments 7/10
I enjoyed this a lot
I was a bit shocked that the alien wasnt a 'Paul' though ....soon found out why !!!

great soundtrack.. fun movie

got some laughs. desenct flick. vince does his thing.

This was an awesome flick! id you like shuan of the dead? Have you seen attack the block? were you a fan of the burbs. well even if you dont know what im talking about you should "watch" this movie. Well worth the time, I assure you! :)

Hah! That was epic!
Richard Ayoade (the British one) was absolutely hilarious! I loved the character/role he played in the film. He's a great actor. The comedy was good, and the action was very good as well. Lots of good laughs. I don't think this was a super popular movie, but it was great. It should be. I didn't even know it was going to be about aliens because I didn't end up reading the summary, but I was pleasantly surprised, as I do like alien stuff.
It was done really well. There were things that would be considered "cheesy" but they were done in good humor.
Watch it!!!

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