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If you watch this movie, you will die, It's so weird your balls will explode, I'm died write now, I'm writing this from my grave, of course I have WiFi in my grave!
@cynthsntg And this is a masterpiece.
Malick is working in a different mode, or on a different intellectual plane, and is after different things. And he has over the years become a director that one cannot “explain” or otherwise pin down. Malick’s filmography has recurring themes and images one element tends to bleed into, or overlap with, others, in a way that makes the individual parts inseparable from the whole. More so than most directors’ movies, Malick’s films are all of a piece.
I found it artsy for the sake of being artsy. A 9 for cinematography and visual impact, and a 1 for entertainment value.
Glad I watched it... won't do it again.
hmmm...this movie is all over the place. While I appreciate what Malick is trying to do and the way he is doing it, at the same time I found myself straining to keep up with the themes.
There is some beautiful photography. The Special Effects supervisor, Douglas Trumbull (after a 3 decade absence from film) created spectacular effects without the no default CGI embellishment. The result is a visual feel that one does not see as often these days. Also, the disconnected events told over a long period of time, allow the viewer to see simultaneously the cause and effect of various events. Unfortunately all these cinematic style choices get in the way of the basic premise of what I look for in a movie - a good story. Put simply – I sort of got what was going on but kept getting interrupted by the movie to figure out what was going on.
It is like movie that needed to be reined in a bit to work, but that did not happen. Instead, it feels (at least to me) that the movie makers found success in a certain style and then could not help themselves from forcing that style into every scene. In the end, the movie is less about what they wanted to tell us and more about what they wanted to show themselves they could do as movie makers.
Watchable, but not great.
Great premise but clumsily executed.
if you like terrence malick, here's another one of his works of art.. all of his films require thought.
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