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It was ok,kind of funny!!
this movie is hilarious. Brandy was so uptight, her exploration of sex was flat out funny.
i was thinking that im going to hate it after 10 minutes but no, i actually laugh! It was funny weird funny but funny i like it! That there was few big names movie would be awesome! Lets say 7.5/10
I wasn't sure if I was going to like this or not but it's actually pretty funny.The casting was a really good choice.I would recommend this movie to someone looking for a fun comedy.
Pretty good coming of age movie ;)
Had some funny parts. A few more stars in it than you might think.
this movie was so great lmao funny
Hilarious!!! Anyone wanting a good laugh should watch this!
freaking awesome!
Loved this movie. Lots of laughs, the awkwardness of our tens. With the clothes and the music, it will all be familiar.
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