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This is one movie where you have to pay close attention or you'll miss out on great plot points ending up whole of a lot confused. Loved it though, 8/10 for me!
Pretty good movie, worth watching. 8/10
i reserve 10/10 for the exceptiopnal
excelent movie, 9/10 would watch it again.
@angel_i Yes wasn't it well played? So many twists & turns we didn't know exactly what was gong on or going to happen next. I loved the entire storyline! A Good watch! 10/10 Cheers...

I don't like being as confused as this movie will make you.

a very good movie that leaves behind a very good question...right?

Not too bad of a movie I like the drama and the story line though was quite confusing for myself. The ending was great though I like how it was lead.

Very cool @InMay I never knew that! They do need to make a good movie based on the slender man though... id watch it!

Good movie. Worth a watch. Three out of four stars.

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