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Great movie. 9/10
This is a good coming of age movie ...
love this movie! Shai is an amazing actress
very good movie. 9/10
ms woodley is very beautiful, different character in divergent. <3
I just watched James Ponsoldt's Smashed on cable and came here to watch his 2006 Off Black and I immediately see comments for this film! I loved this little film. Gave it an 8. It is very real, honest, touching and relatable. Sometimes uncomfortable but hopeful! This is how Smashed was and now I am off to watch Off the Black with Nick Nolte and an apparently wonderful performance by a new actor, Trevor Morgan. More gorgeous cinematography awaits!
Great movie
good movie. i give it a 8/10
Great movie!
this was great working on you will see me at the prom in the white suit.
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