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This was definitely cool!!!
I agree, Baruchel was not right for this and yeah it is as if he's about to cry each time lol!
The movie was OK, I guess I don't fall the right age category. In the end of the day it's a Disney movie set in present NY city, about sorcerers.
@iwanawatch Agree with you on Baruchel, which is funny, since the only movie he's done that I'd list as a "good movie" is the voice character he played in How to Train Your Dragon.
It was an ok movie it would have been better without Jay Baruchel i cant stand his voice sounds like hes about to cry every time he opens his mouth not to mention he has that cheesy MTV sorta acting quality that makes you cringe unless ur a 12 year old girl. But other than that the movie also had Nicholas Cage so that gave it points so i rate it 5.6 outa 10.
For me it was an "okay" movie. Still, its a movie you should watch

im really amazed !!~!!


´hehe super Thanks

!hiih Thanks for sharing this :)

Idiot apprentice, he's the only actor i don't like in the movie...wish it wasn't him he needs more workshop. movie was nice though it would be better without him

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