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Haley Joel Osment acted the hell out of this movie.
This is and always be one of my favorite Movies.
Can't believe I have only watched this once, such a very enjoyable film to watch again.
I'm in the middle of watching it again. It's surprisingly involving, considering I know everything that's going to happen. Rare for a thriller.

There's some really flamboyant gay film critic on some show that said the creepiest thing about this movie is how it made Bruce Willis' hair come back.

I see toupees
Six days left until the big day!

And, speaking of six... What about The Sixth Sense?

Personally, I love this movie. Unlike The Ring, if you know the mystery and know the payoff, the movie is still atmospheric, spooky, and dramatic enough to watch over and over again. Shamalyan is a great director and, if you can't recognize that... I think you're an idiot. End of story. Eat that, you fucking posers.
This movie is just incredible, as is the performance by Haley Joel Osment. I have never gone out of a movie more shell-shocked than the first time I saw this movie. Maybe some of the viewers guessed the shock ending, but as for me it completely surprised me. The scene between Haley's character and his mother, played wonderfully by Toni Collette, makes me tear up every time I watch it. Bruce Willis was also perfect for his role, and I truly felt his sadness about "his marriage growing apart"....along with his shock at the end of the movie when he finds out what's really going on. If people liked this movie, they should rent The Others with Nicole Kidman. It is also a top-notch thriller with a similar storyline, although maybe even a bit more spooky.
I just had to laugh a bit in shock looking at the rather bad ratings Pay It Forward got at Rotten Tomatoes. Can I really be so wrong? I've just washed off all my tears and held my nose real deep into my tissues, I couldn't help it, because this movie was just so great and touching. I can't really say it inspired me to run outside and "pay it forward," but I just really loved the story. And the ending was just awful, I really had to cry. Sometimes I thought - God, this movie's taking really long, how do they still want to go on and keep me interested? But they went on, and I wanted to go on seeing how the story goes. And afterwards I so wished that, when I'm a grandmother one day that Haley Joel Osment will still be around acting in such great movies. He's so great! I mean, Secondhand Lions wasn't exactly a great movie, but I've always loved him as an actor since The Sixth Sense. He's so mature for his age and just an impressive little actor. He was really born to become an actor, I think.

Ah, at least the sales rank of the DVD at Amazon is not as bad as the ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. I guess the general public knows how to appreciate this movie.
Night Shyamalan

Unbreakable This one of my favourite movies. Almost perfect. When I first watched it in cinema I even didn't like it that much, but after that.. somehow I realized who great it was. The end, which all others say would suck or stuff, was just awesome. That whole idea was awesome. I mean, you don't even know if its really about superheros. That's the incredible thing about this film. Great pictures, score, actors... damn, have to watch it again soon
Fantastic movie. And Haley Joel Osmont has shown tremendous acting potential for one so young.
M. Night Shyamalan became a superstar director overnight with this tremendously popular thriller about a young boy who is cursed with the ability to communicate with dead people, and although some consider it a modern masterpiece, I do not believe that it is entirely successful. The Sixth Sense is not a conventional horror movie, and it does not use the presence of ghosts to provide cheap thrills and moments of surprise for the audience. Instead, Shyamalan actually examines the implications of what moral responsibilities someone would have if they were able to see and hear the deceased. Although the subject of the film is the boy Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment), The Sixth Sense is told from the point-of-view of Dr. Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis), a child psychiatrist who has been out of practice for several months, and sees helping Cole as a way to regain confidence in his abilities as a therapist. Initially, the audience is unsure of whether or not Cole does have supernatural senses or is just disturbed, and some of the best scenes in the film are the early ones involving the growing trust between Cole and Dr. Crowe. Shyamalan is not afraid to let scenes develop slowly, and that is why we come to care about the central characters and be genuinely concerned about the choices they make. Unfortunately, The Sixth Sense does not really build on the strong central performances of Willis and Osment, nor does it find ways to take the premise and examine its implications. There is a ludicrous sequence involving a confrontation with a mother who may have let her child die, and the resolution of Cole's story is oddly unsatisfying and hurried. Much has been made of the film's last scene, which throws a surprising twist at the audience, and although I admit it is clever and took me by surprise, I do not feel it really adds any resonance to the film's story. The twist also seems to be a cheat of the highest order...there are far too many plotholes left unexplained in its wake. Shyamalan is obviously very skilled at manipulating the audience, but he has to understand that there comes a point where too much manipulation can grow tiresome. What is encouraging about this promising director is that he seems to have a grasp on how to tell humanist stories that involve us, even if they are also depending on the supernatural to frighten us. For all the praise it has received as a masterful thriller, the thing that makes The Sixth Sense stomachable is not that the dead frighten us, but that the living make us care.

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