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amazing baby siting movie
So crazy and completely amazing movie. I rated it 10/10 but yes indeed it's probably not for kids.
such a nice movie,jonah is funny as usual,watch it!
great movie i think this should be rated r its inappropriate for kids

When you click on the video, click play and let it play until it begins to buffer. Pause it. Let it load for five or ten minutes, and then it should load in front of where you are watching it, instead of seconds ahead where it keeps catching up to the download point.

i guess i will have to stop being cheap and go to the theaters this weekend to watch this.

I dont know why everyone is so stupid an think this movie hasn't came out yet, if you scrool to the top it tells you the release dates... Im surprised they can even use a computer..

There are those who complain about stuff then there the ones who complain about others who complain about stuff, then there's those like me who would like to smack all of you ^^

Why have a "coming soon" page, if the movies in it aren't really, "coming soon"?