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The Royal Tenenbaums 2001

An estranged family of former child prodigies reunites when their father announces he is terminally ill...

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I know this movie had a great cast but to me it just felt dry and in my opinion this just wasn't a movie that will be memorable. That being said 4/10 ...
great cast with Paltrow, Hackman, Stiller, Baldwin and more. interesting and funny family history. solid 9 out of 10.
Easily my favorite Wes Anderson movie. It has everything: Gene Hackman, Danny Glover, Bill Murray, falcons, child prodigies, a solid soundtrack, stabbings, riding on garbage trucks, drugged out Owen Wilson. What more could you ask for?

This was a defining film for Wes Anderson that set up his next stretch of films (Life Aquatic, Darjeeling Limited) and truly established him as a director. Sure, we can't overlook Rushmore, it was great and gave us Jason Schwartzman, but whenever someone sees Darjeeling or Rushmore and then say, "Hey, what else has this guy done?" I point them straight to Royal Tenenbaums.
Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums is centered around the famously eccentric Tenenbaum family; a family comprised of several former child prodigies that have become, for a lack of a better term, estranged by their much less extravagant lifestyles. This can be attributed to their father, Royal Tenenbaum, leaving the family nearly 20 years prior, after his endeavors involving his own career as a litigator and so forth didn't pan out the way he'd wanted them to, to say the least. Once Royal catches wind of a rumor surrounding his wife potentially remarrying the family accountant, he returns, feigning a terminal illness in an attempt to reconcile with those he'd hurt most.

This film is essentially everything I've come to appreciate in modern-day cinema, and then some. It's terrifically quirky in a way that gives all of Anderson's work the feel he's undoubtedly associated with, yet it also manages to be emotionally poignant in a way you would never expect. Further still, it's brilliantly cast and well-acted, with kudos going to Gene Hackman for showing all of us that he can be funnier than we'd ever thought possible. Other noteworthy performances from the supporting cast, consisting of Ben Stiller, Gwyneth Paltrow, and others are nothing short of superb.

Another thing Anderson manages to do quite nicely is keep the story flowing in an entertaining and coherent fashion; there isn't a single boring moment to be found, nor a single laugh out of place or any elements that could potentially confuse viewers. The way the story's told is also very unique, as each part is chronicled via the use of a fictitious novel (no pun intended) that the movie is supposedly based on. Sticking with the coherent structure the plot posesses, this "book" begins with each of the three siblings' childhood endeavors, then gradually makes the transition from adolescense to adulthood with relative ease. And, like I've already touched upon briefly, with the story's progression comes the maturity and self-realization of some of the characters, which essential brings out the grittier emotionally underbelly present towards the tail-end of the film; an element that's arguably my favorite part of the film, as it's responsible for one of my all-time favorite movie sequences.

To be frank, The Royal Tenenbaums is simply fantastic. Personally, I feel that Wes Anderson will never be as good as he was when writing this offbeat cinematic gem, and seeing as how he's yet to top it roughly 7 years after the fact, my assumption may very well become truth. An intelligent, quirky script, incredibly coherent plot, and great performances offered by way of just about the entire cast, most notably Gene Hackman make this film one of my favorites. Furthermore, it's ability to be both darkly humorous and emotionally resonant is a feat within itself, and I'm proud to say everything good that I can about it. It's simply terrific.
Terrific film with an interesting style that fits. The Royal Tenenbaums, directed by Wes Anderson, is the story of a dysfunctional family whose absent father has returned to try to reclaim his family. To start this was the film that introduced me to Wes Anderson and his kind of style, and I immediately became a fan. Gene Hackman, who plays the father, Royal, did a good job as the character everyone loves to hate. his performance probably stands out the most for this film. Anjelica Huston is Etheline, the mother, and she did a great job as well. She makes a good mother figure, and did well at trying to keep those she cared about together. Ben Stiller is Chas, and it is always good when Stiller strays away from the normal comedy to do something different, because he does it very well. He made a great paranoid person who just wants what is best. Gwyneth Paltrow is Margot, the adopted sister who is very mysterious, and Paltrow knew how to pull it off so that her character is not as understood as we might want. Luke Wilson is Richie, the brother who keeps to himself. Wilson gives quite the performance as he has a good look for being the slightly estranged brother. Owen Wilson is a close friend of the family, Eli Cash, Wilson does a well as the guy who knows his problems, but does not want to seek treatment. The story throughout holds together and flows nicely, and the characters only add to its greatness. One of the aspects that this movie looks at, in my opinion, is coincidence, because the whole family came back together under the same roof for the first time in a long time. Overall this is a great film that, to me, is about forgiveness and learning to love your family.

The Royal Tenenbaums: 9.0/10.0
Really good movie. One of the most original movies I've ever seen.
I"m not that big of a fan of Wes Anderson. I don't hate it, but I don't love him either. Parts were funny, but others were not. He's just not for me.
Delightfully quirky, hilarious, and heartfelt. A great movie from Wes Anderson. Great performances from an excellent ensemble cast. Anderson has a great, unique style that's very fresh. Excellent arrangement of mise-en-scene.
How anyone could not love this movie is beyond me. An instant classic and my favorite Owen Wilson movie.
Storytelling at its Finest