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has anyone seen the ring two

The best movie ever

This movie will give you the creeps for sure! This has all of the factors to make a great horror film.
I didn't expect this movie to be much because it was a remake,but I was wrong.This movie actually scary.I watched it at night so it gave more impact.So I recommend this to all horror fans and normal movie watchers.
Freaky movie, but hated it after the horse gets killed. That was just wrong.
Oh man I love this flick! This is great modern horror right here!!! and there isn't much of that!
This movie is one of the most scariest movies ever. Since i saw the Blair witch project. This just proves that with no gore and little cgi you can scare the s@#t out of somebody.
very rare these days to find a scary movie with a good plot and great actors at the same time. The Ring is a very creepy horror but more thriller film. like many this movie has spawned many other films like it, but don't even come close to being as good. solid film

*** out of 4
I hated this movie its terrible.Its very creepy and scary but yet dumb.
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