I've literally watched this over 75 times. Great movie, and so is the sequel short 'Dirty Laundry'
I'm just pushing 8/10 because of Rebeca ;)
1 of the best movies i have ever seen 10/10. Too bad they went a diffrent direction and with a shi-tty actor in the sequal.
If you manage to ignore the cheesy title and poster, it really is a under rated "Marvel" classic, great action in a comic's way, good entertainment! Give it a try, it is surprising!
(Tks to linkers)
Take it from me. I dont like boring movies. This movie rocked....This movie really rocked.
i must say i enjoyed this film more than i thought i would!!!
Watched them in chrono-order; did not like the other one as much as I liked this one. But I love them both, so much - I've got mesel a t-shirt.

or learn to work with a fking pc and stop the ad downloads lmfao

if you load the movie fully and take out the ethernet cable or turn your network offline you wont get those ads popping up and spoiling the film

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