Had to watch it again after the epic 10mins sequal. Enjoy one of Marvels best.
Yes, that was a fun one. 7.8/10 Not a spoiler, but did anyone else notice the visual and auditory reference to Frankenstein? I don't really think that he knew so long ago that he'd be in a movie by that name, so it was weird. It had some hidden jokes, there.
Best superhero movie ever made in my opinion just doesn't get any more Bada$$ than this 9/10
I've literally watched this over 75 times. Great movie, and so is the sequel short 'Dirty Laundry'
I'm just pushing 8/10 because of Rebeca ;)
1 of the best movies i have ever seen 10/10. Too bad they went a diffrent direction and with a shi-tty actor in the sequal.
If you manage to ignore the cheesy title and poster, it really is a under rated "Marvel" classic, great action in a comic's way, good entertainment! Give it a try, it is surprising!
(Tks to linkers)
Take it from me. I dont like boring movies. This movie rocked....This movie really rocked.
i must say i enjoyed this film more than i thought i would!!!
Watched them in chrono-order; did not like the other one as much as I liked this one. But I love them both, so much - I've got mesel a t-shirt.
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