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The Princess Diaries 2001

Mia Thermopolis has just found out that she is the heir apparent to the throne of Genovia. With her friends Lilly and Michael Moscovitz in tow, she tries to navigate through the rest of her 16th year...

Release Date:
August 3, 2001
115 min
Garry Marshall ...
Bonnie Aarons, Ethan Sandler, Greg Lewis, Sandra Oh, Julie Andrews, Anne Hathaway, Hector Elizondo, Heather Matarazzo, Kathleen Marshall, Joel McCrary, Larry Miller, Caroline Goodall, Sean O'Bryan, Elizabeth Gudenrath, Tom Hines, Allan Kent, Clare Sera, Barbara Marshall, Sam Denoff, Daru Kawalkowski, Steve Restivo, Hope Alexander-Willis, Shannon Wilcox, Jane Morris, Cassie Rowell, Erik Bragg, Tracy Reiner, Julie Paris, Sandra Taylor, Charles Guardino, Gwenda Perez, Diane Frazen, Stanley Frazen, Bud Markowitz, Brigitta Lauren, Joe Ross, Darwood Chung, Marvin Braverman, Charlotte Marshall-Fricker, Lily Marshall-Fricker, Joe Allen Price, Sparrow Heatley, Ali Gage, Jeff Michalski, Sol Rosenthal, Fat Louie, Craig Richards, Kathy Garver, Mandy Moore, Rueben Grundy, Rene Auberjonois, Joe Finnegan, Andy Arness, Erik von Detten, Patrick Richwood, Mindy Burbano, Lance R. Jones, Adam Williams, Kimleigh Smith, Tonje Larsgard, Sunny Hawks, Steve Totland, Barbara Nabozny, Terry Brown, Joe Unitas, Ira Glick, Alex Moore, Patrick John Flueger, Erin O'Reilly, Willie Brown, Nicholle Tom, Karl Makinen, Carol DePasquale, Brian Phelps, Mark Thompson, Troy Martin, Don Feldstein, Nita Rainwater, Michelle Yerger, Ned Brower, Robert Glaudini, Brian Sampson, Patrick Noonan, Barry Ratcliffe, Lenore Thomas, Todd Lowe, Cabran E. Chamberlain, Bill Ferrell, Erika Young, Trey Carter, Gwen Holloway, Gary Combs, Seth Belliston, Lauren Maltby, Jay Flatley, Anita Marie Curran, Shan Elliot, Robert Schwartzman, Bianca Lopez, Tamara Levinson, Abigail Green-Dove, Meredith Shevory, Korry Cannon, Chrissy Gilman, Reggie Stanton, Juliet Elizondo, Dale Hikawa, John McGivern, James Brown Orleans, Rob Zylowski, Mary Knoll, Jason Ashland, Bill Fricker, Wendy S. Hallin, John Moran, Tanya DiFrancesco, Niloufar Safaie, Flora Chong, Lori Sigrist, Terri Sigrist, Elizabeth Dixon, Quinn Hanchette, Taylor Locke, Carly Lyn, Meghan McGovern, Justin Root, Terry Wayne, Sunny Hawks, Nicki Sixteen, Jodi Essex, Danny Ryder, Adam Williams ...
Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Romance, Family ...

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Imdb rating: 6.2

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Being that I am now married to one of them women folk, I find that I am am watching more and more chick flicks than I used to. I still hate them, but if I want sex later... I have to watch them.

Still, every now and again, I'm suprised by one that I like. Case in point... The Princess Diaries, the story of an everyday slobby little girl finding out that she's the princess of Buttslyvania and getting lessons in being a princess and a person along the way and crap.

I really liked this movie. It was sweet, it was interesting, and it was just funny without being overly dirty.

Damn it, that's one I like. In a year, I'll be liking all sorts of estrogen-laden films about periods and menstration.
Princess Diaries wasn't a great movie. However, it is a good family movie. It boils down to a pair of supporting characters. Hector Elizondo as limo driver, security man "Joe" is a warm character that you instantly appreciate. Larry Miller plays Paolo, the hairdresser for lack of a better term. His transformation of Anne Hathaway is absolutely priceless. "If-a Brook Shields and Groucho Marks had a child, it would have your eyebrows."
Again, a good movie to watch with the kids.
To be honest, the movie doesn't even deserve the quick rating. It just is no good and i refuse to waste my time writing a review on the extremely cliched piece of junk. The director and screenwriter should be flogged publicly.
Ella Enchanted is a very nice fairytale, a modern version of Cinderella. I thought the idea was good. And I liked the cinematography and the soundtrack. The characters were lovable. It makes me want to finally see The Princess Diaries 2.
:) Yay!! I love sequals to movies! Wanna know what HOT new sequals are in the making? Well I'll tell you! There's gonna be a sequal to Princess Diaries titled Princess Diaries 2, where Mia (Anne Hathaway) will have to get engaged to become princess. The other exciting sequal will be of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. There's not any more info I could find out, but when I do, I'll be sure to update. See ya tomorrow! PEACE.
I watched the Princess Diaries on TV today, and I remember seeing it in theatres and thinking " This is one of those movies you wanna watch at home on your couch with snacks and the ability to roam around" and I was right. I liked it a lot better this time. Plus Julie Andrews rocks!

Its really farfetched but who cares? Its a Disney movie!
I loved it, and I am so happy that they are coming out with a Princess Diaries 2, but the only bad thing is that it doesn't follow the second book at all from what it looks like in the previews :fresh: :rolleyes:
This is for Princess Diaries 2, I don't know why it didn't take the title of the movie.

it was predicatable, but at the same it was good, and at times it was quite humorous. Such a relief to get a story like this with all of the "action" films of today. Not that I don't like action films, but I like movies that have at least some kind of story to go with them. Action films are great, but I like a change every once in a while
Saw this movie last night. I bought it so I could get the free pass to go see the second one, but never got around to it. Oh well, I guess that is how it goes. Anyway, I loved this movie. I guess I am just a sucker for geek turned beauty movies. Now I can't wait until the next one is out on DVD.
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