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All Christopher Nolan movies hits .
Heh, not bad at all.
This was more than what I had expected, alot more.
Good flick.
awsome tesla rules
it's a quite good film
Amazing movie ... good Ending didnt thought of it 9/10
@uunio ... yeah, you're talking about "The Illusionist" with Ed Norton & Jessica Biel (Beil?). Anyways, I genuinely enjoyed both of them but the Prestige really* stood out to me.
I love the darker, almost sinister, undertones (before "dark & gritty" became hackneyed); the obsession vs. dedication subtext; the eerie/wondrous direction; and the fact that they paid homage to Nikola Tesla with a sci-fi twist? Just -- awesome.
I know it's far from perfect, but boring? Was it because it's more of a character study or...? Maybe I'm just biased lol =P
I think it was just ok and came out almost the exact same time another magic type movie of almost the same nature did. I got them both confused for the longest time. Maybe I'll give this one a re-watch but I remember thinking it was kind of boring. @dopilus
Any movie lover should give this film a shot. One of my top 10 all-time favorites.
Hugh Jackman & Micheal Cain. (David Bowie plays Dr. Tesla). EXCELLENT entertainment. Well written and great cast. You won't be dissapointed. Loved the twists! 10/10
Great movie ! 8.5/10 good cast, good story !!
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