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i like it.. lil scared
Hey guys, just wanted to drop a translation of what's written on the box. It's practically written upside down and from left to right instead of right to left.
When written right, it looks like this:
תראה אתה הרשע של העונש, which means "Look you are the evil of punishment.
Just wanted to drop this off here because most movies get the translations wrong and idk if they even adress what's written on it.
by reading the comments i thought this movie was going to suck. it wasnt a scare at every second, IT WAS A STORY. i liked it very much. i would recommend it if you have an interest in this kind of movie.
Yeah I love me a good SciFi Film any day, and I LOVE looking at Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
The Trailer for this film rocked since after watching this we all know they put it together with any and all "sort of good" pieces of the entire It was just a joke in MHO! 3/10
true story or not, just don't waste your time.
SWEET! Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to watch it later
They're here!!!

Not bad, I expected a lot more I won't lie but I mostly enjoyed it. The 'based on a true story' should be taken very loosely, a guy bought a box on ebay and had bad luck which isn't quite the same lol.

It sas it's moments but didn't hit that 'scare me' spot I'm afraid. 7/10.

@Shadowlord77 - Good point, at then end of the day, if you do not like the links are the quality is not good enough then there is a simple fix to the problem go and pay to see the film, simple.

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