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The Place Beyond the Pines 2012

A motorcycle stunt rider turns to robbing banks as a way to provide for his lover and their newborn child, a decision that puts him on a collision course with an ambitious rookie cop navigating a department ruled by a corrupt detective...

Release Date:
April 19, 2013
140 min
Derek Cianfrance ...
Ray Liotta, Eva Mendes, Bruce Greenwood, Rose Byrne, Brian Smyj, Harris Yulin, Ephraim Benton, Ean Egas, Michael Cullen, Ben Mendelsohn, Ryan Gosling, Michael Marino, Kevin Craig West, John Romeo, Patrick Husted, Robert Clohessy, Byron Nilsson, Olga Merediz, Mark McCracken, Nicole Signore, Mahershala Ali, Gail Martino, Joseph Basile, Emory Cohen, Mark Musto, Dane DeHaan, Julie E. Davis, April Crisafulli, Don Rittner, Benjamin Lott, Gabe Fazio, Vanessa Thorpe, Greta Seacat, Andrew Krakat, Bradley Cooper, Dj Nino Carta, Casey Roberts, Jefrey Pollock, Whitney Hudson, Anthony Pizza, Ron Komora, Joe B. McCarthy, Sabrina Lott, Tracey Agustin, Breanna Dolen, Karen Gazda, Dean Denisio, Alex Pulling, Erwin Urias, Sam Wagner, Melissa Mills, Mark J. Caruso, Dante Shafer, Jennifer Sober, Kimberly Moore, Mackenzie Trainor, Cynthia Pelletier-Sullivan, Marybeth Leo-Smullen, Subrina Dhammi, Jessica Layton, Steve Powers, Craig Van Hook, John Facci, Trevor Jackson Campbell, George Forrester, Bob Dieterich, Daniel Rayome, Luca Pierucci, Emilio Pagan-Yourno, Leah Bliven, Frank J. Falvo, Thomas Mattice, Mike Barry, Jeremiah Bagley, Steve Ritzko, Adam Nowicki, Heather Chestnut, Jan Libertucci, Tula, Hugh T. Farley, Shannon Plumb, Paul Steele, Travis Jackson Campbell, Kevin Green, Adriel Linyear, Jim Powers, Sarah Curcio, Penny, Lynette Howell, Dorothy Rutherford, Nicole Califano, Kayla Smalls, G. Douglas Griset, James J. Gleason, Lindsay McKearn ...
Drama, Thriller, Crime, Romance ...
English, Spanish

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Imdb rating: 7.3

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Yeah like menken said it's 3 movies in one, slows down a bit towards the end, but still a good watch. If your into bikes at all, his dirt bike changes from 4 stroke to 2 stroke and back again many times and then his sons honda road bike takes off as a harley then turns back into a honda. A small thing but annoying to me, the magic of the movies i guess....8/10
pretty good movie... karma man..history always repeat it's self..
The way that the cop's son talks 15 years later, pisses me off so much. I just wanted to slap him for talking like he was all tough and gangster. I could barely watch that part.
@menken10 my thoughts exactly I said wtf three times lol in a good way 10/10
Great movie.
It's a really good movie. A little bit of everything and a good ending.
i really liked this movie, gosling kind of reminded me of the character he played in "drive". worth the watch :)
great movie do watch im more of a sifi guy but this was a grat movie 10/10
wow what a powerful thought provoking movie, glad i finally got around to it.
What a great film. It won't be for everyone, but anyone that enjoyed "pulp fiction", "fargo", or "sin city" will like this one.
I love movies that i think about after it's over.
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