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I liked this one. Good effects and the ending was not expected
The ending though... Cannot stop laughing!
Nice one!!!
@dopilus yeah he did.. i added my lil movie trivia in the Movie Club vote today, mentioning that,,, and no i wasn't trying to sway the votes... hmmmm ;p
That was one of the most insane endings ever! really enjoyed this movie great cast and story
Didn't the same guy who directed this, direct Walking Dead when it first started (which is why a few of these characters showed up in the show)?
1 of the best ending i've seen in a while.
Exceedingly good twist. Did not expect that. For the first 26 or so min, kept reminding me of The Fog, then it took a turn, a very good-in-a-strange-sotra-way turn. Glad I've watched it.
Hey that was pretty good! Good movie of the week choice for sure-lots of discussion potential. Can't believe it passed me by for so many years.
scared desperate people are more dangerous than anything.. best to keep plenty of air 'tween them and yourself.
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