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I'm still so confused about the ending. What was that stuff? Ugh -.-
Such a long and drawn out build up for such a incoherent ending.
This is one of those rare Barker adaptations I liked. I've steadily collected all of Barker's novels and could possibly be his nerdiest fan, but his stories rarely/never translate well into films. I'm almost certain that his work is supposed to attack every individual with different waves of imagination, a film just doesn't do the story justice. But this one kinda worked, because of it's pure simplicity of gore. 8/10
4/10? Why you r so cruel?!?! 8) Yaaa this movie is some too simple, but had some good special effects (i've loved the victims POV) and a good photography... not so bad... 6/10 by me. TY SM!
My rating on this movie is 4/10, for Bradley Cooper's acting alone (10/10), it was pretty lame most the way through and then got ridiculous right at the end.
Much better than Ryûhei Kitamura's latest flick (or I should say flop) No One Lives - much to be owed to Bradley Cooper's excellent performance. I was going to give it 8 points, but the premise of the story (revealed at the very end of the movie) was so totally idiotic that it knocked 2 points off. 6/10

Yeah, good story.. good acters.. good camere scens... music. Briliant. :)

Trailer looks good.. lets see it for real, ty Oceans.

Even it it Kills me is so amazing, it still has all the fantastic emotion as the two previous albums, but it is slightly more up beat . yeah
This movie was flat out grizzle and graphic, and I loved every minute of it!! The film was so creepy and scary that in some scenes I was movieing around in my seat. I highky recomend it.
I really wanted to like this film. It starts out good and i think it really could have been great but it lost me when you find out why the guy is a killer . Dont want to give it away but i thought it was kinda silly. And i love horror movies and can get into some weird stuff. I give it 3 stars for the gore alone though pretty sick!
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