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I can't believe I saw the first 2, and not this one! (my bad!) I'm glad I came across this film, 'cause I had forgotten that there was a 3rd Matrix---I was dissapointed/sad at the ending, and it could have been much better (acting/scenario) but...
To this day the Matrix trilogy still holds the bar very high for other films to meet. The in depth story, the special effects, fight scenes and the mind blowing idea behind it all still can keep the mind thinking and pondering our existence. Someone once said that it would cost more energy to turn a human into a battery than we would make, and that the story wouldn't make sense, but I believe a super advanced robotic race would figure out a way to harness our energy effectively, while seeing a return on the investment.
Badly carried ending of a great trilogy
Very upset by this film... :(

I loved the first two in this series and found its conclusion very disappointing. The philosophy that made the first two so interesting was lacking, making the film an overly-long barrage of special effects. The ending increased this impression, as I felt as though I had sat through all three films simply to see Neo sacrifice himself in an all-too predictable act of selflessness. Although it was good in a way that the film didn't have a typical 'Hollywood' ending, given its strong Biblical undertones, the ending showed a startling lack of originality from the same film-makers that whose ideas had lent the first two so much novelty. Neo's unquestioning self-sacrifice was also negative in terms of his character. The film's predecessors had him as a young man who was still very much full of human doubt and other faults, despite being 'The One'. These important aspects of his character have all but vanished in the series' conclusion, making Neo's fate fall short of its intended impact.

Ultimately, although the film had some positive elements, it fell far short of the quality of the others in the series.
Heavily underrated conclusion to a heavily underrated trilogy. In my opinion, this film was quite good. Wrought with brilliant philosophy, symbolism and allegory brilliantly woven alongside the heavy action we would expect from a Matrix film.
A mediocre conclusion to an otherwise great series. Parts of this movie are spectacular, but the scenes that are just plain weird bring my rating down quite a bit. First, I think the ending is completely cheesy. Second, everything sort of relies on the special effects. Now you may think that the matrix movies are pretty much all special effects, but the first two are much more than that, with exciting car chases, gunfights, and really cool dialogue. The matrix revolutions is pretty much all FX. The acting is still great, but this is by far the worst matrix movie.
Very disappointing finale to the trilogy. I wished this movie didn't turn out so average, as it undermines the brilliance of the original. The fight scenes get more and more unbelievable, but some of them are still pretty cool
What was andy and larry thinking when they wrote this??
not as good as part 1 & 2, and the end leave us with more questions than answers... i hope to see a 4th series to solve all..
I love the Matrix series...Such an intelligent look at the possiblilites of reality and humans dependancy on computers and technology. But like any great story, once Holly Wood gets their greedy fat fingers on it, they F*ck it.

Honestly this movie idea was a tribute to science and a truly stellar idea...But the conclusion to the story, "Revolutions" was a straight up disgrace. They movie was completely "Americanized" and "Holly Wood-ized" ...Terrible acting and garbage story line. So many parts made no sense at all. But as Holly Wood always does, they give the audience zero credit and figure a few big gun fights will keep our minds off the sh1tty acting and gigantic flaws in the story line...A true disappointment in so many ways. F*ck you Holly Wood. Three bags of trash for this turd basket.