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about to watch it
Absolutely loved this movie!
Great cast, beautifully made and a compelling story. If you like romance tied up with a good story you'll definitely like this:-)

Ps: Do yourself a favour and do not watch the trailer- just watch the movie ;-)
quite boring tuned it off after an hour
@Movie_Madness321 Yeah buddy!!! This was a beautiful movie. it was fun, romantic, and kept me on edge of my seat waiting Thumbs up 10/10 I can watch it over and over myself. Cheers...
This is the kind of movie I can watch over and over and over again!!

I didnt expect to like this movie. It has a gripping story and a hell of an ending. Karma and love are epic things in this day and age.

is this coming on dvd or d soon?

Great Movie, excellent ending.

thnx guys

link not found ?????

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