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This first installment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, it's definitely the weakest (in a good way). Like with many good trilogies, the first installment tends to be the weakest, since as the trilogy goes on, the movies get better. This is definitely a great movie.
The way things were directed, interpreted and presented were great. Probably will be the best presentation of the Lord of the Rings ever, and the closest to the writings.
Sure, they missed some great characters from the books, but it still was a great job. I especially liked the creation of the Uruk character, Lurtz. Awesome!
The best of the three films but it is repetitive and some of the characters are annoying to watch. It is like they have picked a dozen ja ja Binks to act in the film.
Overhyped and over produced, the digital technolgy will make it look like sinbad in a few years.
Its been many years since an action epic has enthralled and mezmorized not only myself but the world as has began here in fellowship, stunning imagery, brutal fights and honest emotion of adiction, love and friendship. Fellowship succeeds.
Lord of the Rings is a great movie with excellent acting from the cast, great special effects and superb directing by Peter Jackson. The fight scenes are outstanding and are far better than I expected as originally I anticipated they would be cheesy and pathetic somewhat like the TV Series Romes fight scenes were like.
Excellent all around and well deserving of the 96% rating given by the RT community.
The Fellowship of the Ring is an excellent movie, and though it does not have as many action scenes or epic battles as the following 2 LOTRs, it serves as a perfect opening for the story (not to mention superb acting by every character).
Very good film. Story, Action, Acting, Scenery, Effects; All were used to just the right amount. I can't say anything about this film.
This movie is fantastic, it makes the two and a half hour epic seem like half the time. Peter Jackson hit it out of the park. it is a shame that Tolkien didn't live long enough to see people appreciate his work.

The first in the trilogy based on the hit Sci-Fi novels, masterfully crafted by J.R.R. Tolkein. Peter Jackson does a phenomenal job in really getting the viewer into the LotR universe. Stellar performances by Gandalf (Ian MacKellan), Frodo (Elijah Wood), Aragorn (Viggo Mortenson) and Sam (Sean Austin) really set the stage for one of the biggest motion picture trilogies ever conceived.
This is the best retelling of the series of books. I am so glad that Peter Jackson made this a live action movie. It has only been done in cartoon form. I love the cast. I saw this at the theater when it come out. Some of the actors I had seen before as child stars. Some I had seen in many films. Viggo I had only seen in GI Jane with Demi Moore and Orlando I had seen in the movie Black Hawk Down. When I first saw Orlando I notice the blonde wig, but I knew something else was different. I couldn't figure it out until I saw a close up him and notice the blue contacts. He was still cute. He just reminded me of Princess Zelda from the video game.(lol) The behind the screens on the DVD are awesome. Great film.
Best saga ever made. Not a single one of those movies was in any possible way disappointing. It was an AMAZING experience for everyone I've ever heard of.