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The Lion King 1994

Tricked into thinking that he caused the death of his own father, a young lion cub flees and abandons his destiny as the future king...

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Solar rating: 9.5


Imdb rating: 8.5

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It`s always a kid favorite, and one adult watching tonight knew all the dialogue and songs by heart.
amazing movie
This will never age. great songs, stunning animation and a classic.
Will forever be a favorite.
Beautifully done!
This is one of those movies that never ages plus it's a classic. Catchy songs, beautiful animation and it has a lot of funny moments.
an excellent film, but can't ignore the "flawed moments" after seeing Confused Matthew's review. :P
Circcclllee of lifeeeee and it moves us a lllll! I love this movie i have it on VHS. this movie has the ability to motivate me and make me cry all at once.
when i was a kid i watched this so many times my mom said the VHS stopped playing and had to get another haha, i loved it then and now at 22 it's still just as good!

I have loved this movie ever since I saw it when I was a kid. My daughter is obsessed with it too now that she's seen it. It has some good life lessons in it along with being a good movie.

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