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One of the greatest movies ever made.
Excellent movie!
Beautiful movie. Just wish a dominantly Japanese spoken movie had English subtitles in links on an English website. If you don't understand Japanese, you won't understand 3/4 of this movie. Either way, it gets 9.5/10. Amazing film.
This is probably Cruise's top 5 of performances, and arguably his best. The movie is incredible. A must watch.
One of the best movies I have ever seen. The story, acting and costumes are all outstanding! 10/10
Wasn't there another version of this movie? A much older one... Its been a couple decades since I've seen it, but I'm almost sure that when I was young I saw a movie that I thought was called The Last Samurai. Same story basically... just all different actors, of course.
Loved this movie, agrea with Kewkew one of Cruise's best.
A gooden! Loved it when it came out. 8.5/10
Love re-watching this one rainy days. Among Cruise's best performance. 9.5/10
A most beautiful story indeed. A lot of thought and research went into writing this story pertaining to the confrontation twixt the new and ancient world. The outcome inevitable, as is the nature of things. Edward Zwick films it all wonderfully. Just to address an issue I've heard a lot of over the years since this flick came out. People have often said how over-exaggerated it was for Cruise's Algren character to learn sword-fighting (Iaido) and Japanese in such a short period of time; In a winter's season to be exact. Here's what I think; Well, he's already a seasoned soldier at the beginning of the film and his teacher(s) aren't pulling any punches. Anyone would want to learn as quick as possible inorder to avoid some of the physical punishment he receives. As for learning to converse in Japanese, it's easier than most make it out to be; It's all vowels and consonants, really. It isn't a tonal language like Chinese, or Inuit and for someone who already has a knack for languages and who happens to be immersed in it 24/7 this is a completely feasible feat to accomplish. Therefore, it isn't really that exaggerated atall. Other than that, really like the emotionally charged Music-score and how it weaves its way though the movie. The Japanese actors/actresses are all excellent in their roles. This also happens to be Tom Cruise's overall best role, hands down. 10/10
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