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How have I not heard of this one before? It looks GREAT! Now on my watch list...
Great movie! Very enjoyable and entertaining. Didn't expect so much humor throughout between the two main characters as well as the rest of the cast.
#1 movie to watch. Script, directing and actors great..
Won't want your time back.
Get the "Beers, Homies and Hookup"!!!!!!
A lesson of life illustrated by the lifelong friendship of two men. Simply beautiful, funny and emotional. What else do want me to tell to convince you to watch it ? Just watch it and you'll see, the music, the actors, ... every scene is worth watching.
Twas a wonderful movie! the acting was good! specially Omar Sy, his laughter was so vibrant and happy, you'll just have to laugh with him.And I gotta say this.. but François Cluzet really looks like Robert de Niro! :)
I love the characters and their friendship. Definitely a must watch! 2 thumbs up!
with all honesty, i never had any interest in watching this movie eventho i saw reviews about it was "amazing" "best movie ever" "heartwarming" and the fact that the actor who played Driss was the first coloured man to win a certain french award everrr. so i didn't bother watching this french movie and watched other movies like Amilie(not as good as it claims to be i think), It Boy, Les Profs , Blue is The Warmest colour (another awesome movie you should watch) and many other french movies! so one day i ran out of options and decided…why not.. it looks lame but..the reviews are always giving it a 10/ idid watch it..and OH MY GOSHH IT WAS AWESOMEEEEE!! I LOVED IT AND WOULD DEFFiNaTLY RECOMMEND IT TO EVERY HUMAN ON EARTH!! haha made me cry at the end because it was that touching. they social cast between them, the riches, even with all that, Driss was never jealous and always was his body and best friend! so.. watch it bromance to a whole new level :)
A good movie. I don't usually like to read subs, but this was an exception.
Putain c'est puissant! Effing powerful!
A must watch indeed. 10/10
This movie is really good, The best ! I think is also a lesson of life, because it is a true story !
You must watch this , feel good factor garantee, the biggest french blockbuster in the last 10 years! 9/10
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