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outstanding movie
Good movie, great characters, decent story development. Some things are left unresolved, and the ending hits you like a rock labeled 'confusion', but overall a great movie. 8/10
amazing movie, one of the best out there.
Realy good movie! Epic ending!
this is 1 of the best war films iv seen.
Boring as hell.
Brilliant peace of work

F**K War..

Powerful drama!! Not that much blood to gross you out. But the action is dramatic. If you really want to know a real synosis of the Iraq war.( In one point of view) Watch the movie. It's a movie so they still exaggerate the character. But in a view few of us think about. Plus the movie was filmed in Iraq to make it that much more surreal. The movie No End In Sight about the Iraq war is a documentary, And this is a movie. If you don't like talking about a pink elephant in your living room. Don'******* the movie. Like I said it powerful. Masterpiece in my eyes, the moive will be up for awards. Because it so believable.
great movie - don't miss it
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