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The Hunger Games 2012

Katniss Everdeen voluntarily takes her younger sister's place in the Hunger Games, a televised fight to the death in which two teenagers from each of the twelve Districts of Panem are chosen at random to compete...

Release Date:
March 23, 2012
142 min
Gary Ross ...
Sam Ly, Kelly Lintz, Woody Harrelson, Paula Malcomson, Donald Sutherland, Steve Coulter, Karan Kendrick, Rhoda Griffis, Stanley Tucci, Elizabeth Banks, Katie Kneeland, Tara Macken, Anthony Reynolds, Dwayne Boyd, Lenny Kravitz, Wes Bentley, Brooke Bundy, Ron Stafford, Alexander Ludwig, Ian Nelson, Josh Hutcherson, Sandra Ellis Lafferty, Jonathan Hart, Daniel Newman, Isabelle Fuhrman, Raiko Bowman, Antonio Echeverria, Liam Hemsworth, Toby Jones, Jennifer Lawrence, Ashton Moio, George Peroulas, John Ross, Anthony Garner, Edd Robinson, Kimiko Gelman, Chris Mark, Tim Taylor, Julie Ivey, Sharon Conley, Don Calhoun, Dan A.R. Kelly, Gina Travis, Leven Rambin, Pedro Barquin, Phillip Troy Linger, George McPherson, Russell Cook, F. Curtis Gaston, Donald Norris Jr., Catherine Trail, Tara-Nicole Azarian, Nelson Ascencio, Willow Shields, Justin Wheelon, Jeremy Marinas, Paul Gibson, Kalia Prescott, Brian Patrick Catalano, Judd Lormand, Nick Karner, Amber Chaney, Mackenzie Lintz, Latarsha Rose, Eric Hennig, Amanda Dunn, Ethan Jamieson, Amandla Stenberg, Mo Aboul-Zelof, Jacqueline Emerson, Dayo Okeniyi, Jack Quaid, Annie Thurman, Dakota Hood, Kara Petersen, Leigha Hancock, Kirby Mack, Shelley Bassett, Mark Meekins, Konstantine Kurelias, Sam Tan, Dean Allen Jones, Christopher Cozort, Jackie Emerson, Leigsha Hancock, Shawn Dougan, Sarah Anne Sumpolec, Shelby Townsend, Justin Yu, Mehmet Korhan, Kerry Cashion, Trey Taylor, David Abernathy, Blair Landon Dimmick, Kimberly Dunevant, Colleen Galeazzi, Tucker Gates, Melissa D. Martin, Sharon Oliphant, Jessica Richards, Jordan Sadri, Candace Blanchard, David Goff, Bruce Bundy, Ian Nelson, Don Calhoun, Paul Gibson, Jonathan Hart, Sandino Moya, Shane Biseell, John Ross, Imanol Yepez-Frias, Alexa Poletti, Chad Kurtz, Bill Bennett, William Hunter Luther, Shana Murphy, Tim Olcott, Taylor John Smith, Bailee Watters, Charles Tyler West, Eli Shannon, Cedric J. Byrd, Angela Dawn Atchley ...
Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi ...

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Solar rating: 8.2


Imdb rating: 7.3

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i agree. no one needs to be mean about someone else's opinion
this is for peoples comments. good or bad. its to let other solar members know if they should watch or not. honestly i need people to tell me that it was for my little sister. not a movie for a 25-30 year old male IMO. i needed to know that so i didnt waste my time on a movie thats another Twilight type film. true fact, my 17 year old sister loved the book/movie. as soon as i knew that i stayed far away.
Please, explain what was good about it. The cinematography was good...The script was nonsense, it built up suspense for things that never happened, the only character that had any depth was J Lawrence's (and her "heroics" were nothing more than circumstantial pot luck). It amounted to nothing more than a bunch or retarded teenagers running around the woods with weapons and a license to kill. If you felt sorry for any of them, I have a couple of rat traps that I'll sell you tickets for.
In JunoSkyra's defense it was just their personal opinion. Everybody is entitled to one. IMHO I LOVED this movie & can't wait for the next one
lol , clearly Jennifer lawrence and Josh have no chemistry on this film , Liam Hensworth should have played his role instead ..
Tried watching this few weeks ago, ended up experiencing severe brain seizure after cca 25 min. I'm always hungry for a tad of sci-fi and violence, but this was just scabby boring, nothing to do with sci-fi and my cat snores more violently.
Sir, you can sure say that again :P
ehehe :D don't get me wrong either but atleast there was some actual killing in Twilight and got my ex in a good mood :P
Can't believe I'm saying this but this is actually worse then Twilight.. Another prove that American teenage girls have no common taste concerning films XD Bad acting, weak and very predictable story line.. A soft teenage drama rip of from films like the Tournament >.
'The Hunger Games' Weekend Box Office: $155 Million
Sorry, Bella....
When it comes to box-office odds, Katniss Everdeen had everything in her favor. "The Hunger Games" scored $155 million in North American ticket sales this weekend, the third highest opening weekend of all time, according to estimates from Lionsgate.
Only "The Dark Knight" ($158.4 million) and "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2" ($169.1 million) have had stronger opening weekend showings, giving "The Hunger Games" the highest "non-sequel weekend premiere" ever. ....
The $155 million bounty also outranked every entry in the "Twilight" series, including the franchise's biggest opener, "New Moon," which started with $142.8 million when it bowed in November of 2009.
great film 10/10
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