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Good Movie.. Good Effect.. quite a few seat hanging moment.. but the Actor who played Bilbo was kinda lame.. not sure if it was the storyline and plot itself or just the actor but I found myself loathing the thought of him coming back on screen with his horrid acting...

Ehh.. 6/10.. good movie terrible star actor..
Just finished the game Middle Earth II: Shadow of Mordor (Awesome game) so I'm going to watch these.
I have to rematch both this and the second movie before the five armies comes out in Australia tomorrow the 26th dec, boxing day xD
Too much CGI just saying the most of LOTR was done without CGI and looked much better at points than this. fine movie not much to say than i liked it when i watched it but it doesn't suit my JIB 6/10
I was really hesitant about watching this. I'm such a fan of LOTR, that I didn't want to be disappointed. And I wasn't. Peter Jackson is brilliant. I guess the guy who played Smeogol/Gollum shared in the directing duties with Jackson. I can't wait for Battle of the Five Armies to come out.
The most outstanding special effects of any movie Iève seen.
Excellent movie. I hated the book when I was in college; it just bored me to death. The way they did it on film, made everything come to life.
I had a hankering for a rewatch of this movie. This is/was a instant classic and can be watch many many times and see experience something new each time. Its totally awesome
Other than the Cgi heavy effects, it's a good start to The Hobbit trilogy. he acting was good, the writing was fair and it has a lot of action.
Yeah, so I actually forgot to rate this one... I am a huge LOTR fan and obviously I would never have missed watching the Hobbit. This movie is so beautiful to watch through and through. I love the characters, the cinematography, the scenery, the music...the effects are wonderful to watch... It's like entering a new world and it just makes you feel so good- for a few hours you feel part of a magical world.
And the desolation of Smaug... Wow is all I have to say! Can't wait for the third one to come out!
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