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Great movie
Other than the Cgi heavy effects, it's a good start to The Hobbit trilogy. he acting was good, the writing was fair and it has a lot of action.
Yeah, so I actually forgot to rate this one... I am a huge LOTR fan and obviously I would never have missed watching the Hobbit. This movie is so beautiful to watch through and through. I love the characters, the cinematography, the scenery, the music...the effects are wonderful to watch... It's like entering a new world and it just makes you feel so good- for a few hours you feel part of a magical world.
And the desolation of Smaug... Wow is all I have to say! Can't wait for the third one to come out!
@londonluver Haha, yeah I thought about the eagle thing too! In spite of that I cant help being completely in love and captivated by it.
Afaik the elves dont believe the Grey Wizard and so are reluctant to aid him. When the 'she-elf' does help them it is probably under the radar and should remain that way.
If these things are causing you grief though, you might not want to look at the next Hobbit with too much of a logical sence..
I watched this last night in preporation to watch the new Hobbit in the theater today. Here are the strengths in this movie. 1. Martin Freeman was an excellent choice. 2. the effects are pretty cool particularly those big rock giants (don't remember what they're called). Weaknesses: over and over Bilbo and others fall from really high places crashing into solid rock as they make their decent. Falls like that would kill anybody yet right before Bilbo sees Gollum he's a made a fall and he gets up with barely a scratch. But this movies for you. The other thing that bugs me are the eagles. Yup, those infamous eagles that could save them so much time in both this movie and in Lord of the Rings. In this one they drop the group off on a mountain and the dwarfs look off into the distance and see their destination. with an eagle it would take them 10 minutes tops to get thee. But all that aside, the movie was fantastic!
Going to theater to see the new Hobbit..Watched to refresh the story...Great movie...Only weakness for me was Troll town...I found the whole sequence a bit to much(over the top)...8.5/10
I really loved this one. Can not wait for the next one!
I watched this movie at the cinema on opening day and it was a good movie! I wish I had more space between each seat because a 3 hour movie isn't fun when your in a sitting position unable to stretch. A well put movie!
@rmccauley37 I believe that is why a lot of people didn't like it, because they were comparing it to LOTR's. But if you forget that it's not LOTR's & just take it's own movie it's actually pretty decent, IMO. Maybe not great, but good. Plus lots of people complained that the scene in Rivendall was unnecessary, but that was one of my favorite scenes. I like how it tied the trilogies together
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