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The Haunted Mansion 2003

Workaholic realtor Jim Evers, his wife/business partner Sara and their two children are summoned to a mansion. When they discover that the place is haunted, Jim discovers an important lesson about the family he's neglected as they attempt to escape...

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amazing film watched it over and over again never get bored of this film!!

you are 100 precent right

Yea it's been awhile since I've updated, but I rented some movies this weekend so here are some reviews...
Although this movie is anything but scary, Eddie Murphy gives a knee-slapping performance. This movie has top-notch comedy written all over it.
This is a dreadful movie. It is totally unfunny, and unnessassery. There is one thing good about it, it's great at being stupid. The family in this movie are very dumb, it takes them way to long to see that the mansion is haunted. It is about time that Eddie Murphy sould find out that he has been in some really bad movies latley, this being one of them, and that he sould read the scripts he is offered alittle better from now on. I felt nothing between the charaters, or for them, what a horrible movie :(
Really bad movie.
This was a cute movie, especially for kids. Eddie Murphy is funny as usual.:)
Watched The Haunted Mansion today. This movie was pure garbage. It was boring, it wasn't funny, the story was horrible, the acting was horrible, the dialog was horrible, everything was horrible. I can't believe I actually sat through the whole thing. Even Eddie Murphy was horrible, and I like Eddie Murphy. The only good things about this movie were the cool special effects here and there, and good set designs. Blah, horrible movie.

BIG FISH: I liked most of it, but near the end it just got confusing. Big Fish isn't exactly magical as some people call it I perfer to call it hokey. It moves slowly and weirdly and the stories are kind of dumb. But the movie is reedemed by a great performance from Albert Finney and Billy Crudup. Another problem is the fact that is obvious Ewan McGregor cannot play a cocky guy who brags a lot. Not at all a magical movie, but a mediocre one.

THE HAUNTED MANSION: Eddie Murphy's 4th big bomb is probably the best outta the 4, but that isn't saying much. Altough it kept me awake, it still didn't make chuckle every 5 seconds. The special effects are quiet good ands Jennifer Tilly is also very entertaining (and funny too) but the story is stupid and the jokes fall flat often and the performance of Terrence Stamp looks incredibly tired. This movie was haunted by a real ghost, must have casted a spell.

THE LAST SAMURAI: Long but so good it felt short. The battle sequences may sometimes be pointless but nothertheless entertaining. Tom Cruise, Ken Watanabe, Tony Goldwyn, and Timothy Spall give very effective performances and this may not be as good as Zwick's previous (I think) Legends of The Fall which both films have a lot in common. Even the dramatic parts don't make me fall asleep and the some of the humour here and there is quiet effective as well. One of the better movies of 2003.

THE LORD OF THE RINGS THE RETURN OF THE KING: This is the best movie of 2003, strong cast and excellent action sequences makes this the king of the year! Never has a book adaptation been so strong in such a while (Jaws is the best). Peter Jackson deserves that award 101% and he should win every award for his work here he has made this epic trilogy unlike any other fanatsy/action movie, he does it with feelings, characterization, strong action, and everything else. This movie is perfect. Arguably one of the best movies of all time!
With the success of Pirates of the Caribbean, who would want to pass up another potential gem based on a Disney theme park ride? The Haunted Mansion is another Magic Kingdom creation turned film in which we get to experience digital effects and a plot that are a long shot from said ride. In this particular movie, we are not bombarded by undead pirates and dashing heroes, but by Eddie Murphy as a real estate salesman and his family who are trying to escape a cursed mansion.

Jim Evers (Eddie Murphy) and his wife Sara (Marsha Thomason) own Evers and Evers real estate company. Jim is too dedicated to his work and Sara feels they need more time away from it. But on the day they decide to go on vacation, Sara gets a call from a wealthy man's butler about a mansion that they need to sell. Suspiciously, however, they only want Sara to come see them. Jim is keen on the potential big deal, though, and despite Sara's pleading with Jim to not go, the entire family winds up at the mansion on their way to their lake vacation.

Once they have met Master Gracey (Nathaniel Parker) and Ramsley (Terence Stamp), the butler, the family is coaxed into staying due to heavy rain and the river flooding. The four family members are put into two separate rooms. The children explore, as Sara and Jim fight over priorities, but they are soon distracted when Ramsley invites Jim down to the study to meet with Master Gracey. When he is gone for a little bit too long, Sara starts to look for him and meets with Gracey. He distracts her and tells her the story of his lost love. It quickly dawns on Sara that Master Gracey has other plans in store for her than real estate brokering. During this time, the children have been led into the attic by some glowing light and discover two friendly ghosts and a portrait of their mother, but its not really their mother. After a series of mis-adventures, the children and Jim finally meet up and are told by Madame Leota (Jennifer Tilly's head in a crystal ball) that they must go on a quest to find the letter that will shed light on the mystery of Master Gracey and his love. Along with the friendly ghosts, the trio embarks on a journey to find the key that will open the trunk that holds this important letter.

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