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The Hangover Part III 2013

When one of their own is kidnapped by an angry gangster, the Wolf Pack must track down Mr. Chow, who has escaped from prison and is on the lam...

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Well it is a nice round off, although a little less funny than the first two. Still a must see for the fans of part one and two.
Hmm, well it doesn't compare to the first movie, which is usually typical of any movie, but I'd rate it better than the second. It's great for a good laugh! However if you're expecting more out of it then what it is you're going to be disappointed. It's just a feel good comedy movie and a close to the trilogy. It helps to be familiar with the first two movies as well. I really enjoyed it 8.1/10
Not the best of the three by any means but overall it was pretty good. Too bad it was as funny. It was long and entertaining but hey that should be enough to close the trilogy.;']
Funny! really funny! As the I and II was. Vid quality: top. TY! o/
Reading the comments below before actually watching the movie, I was expecting it to be a great disappointment. Nevertheless, since I enjoyed the first two Hangover movies, I decided to give this a go. And honestly...I don't see why everyone's making such a huge fuss about it. It was GOOD. Obviously, nothing can ever compare to the first Hangover movie, but I found myself quite enjoying this. It had some great moments and it was funny and innovative.
In short, I would definitely recommend it to any Hangover fan. 8/10
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The 1st movie was epic funny 2nd was alright but now 3? not sure what I think about this one lol
to be completely honest, this was my least favourite installment of the Hangover trilogy. at times i found it uninspiring and lenghthy, but in comparison to the other US comedies that are produced these days, it is still quite an outstanding film.
everyone who invested their time putting all the link$ up for this movie wasted their time!! wat a horrible movie
I don't undrstnd why ppl are chastising the movie it was actuly good not as good as the rest but plain good.
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