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The Hangover 2009

Three buddies wake up from a bachelor party in Las Vegas, with no memory of the previous night and the bachelor missing. They make their way around the city in order to find their friend before his wedding...

Release Date:
June 5, 2009
100 min
Todd Phillips ...
Jim Kelly, Victor Yerrid, Britt Barrett, Gillian Vigman, Dan Finnerty, Jeffrey Tambor, Zach Galifianakis, Heather Graham, Ed Helms, Charlene Geisler, John Bailey, Ty Izquierdo, Rachael Harris, Mike Epps, Matt Walsh, Murray Gershenz, David Hill, Floyd Levine, Andrew Astor, Cleo King, Jernard Burks, Ryan Van de Kamp Buchanan, Rob Riggle, Ken Jeong, Dov Markowich, Scott 'Carrot Top' Thompson, Casey Margolis, Carrie Keagan, Natalie Cohen, Faleolo Alailima, Rio Ahn, Brenda Whitehead, Ian Anthony Dale, Roy C. Peterson, Nathalie Fay, Bradley Cooper, Mike Vallely, Bryan Callen, Chuck Pacheco, Michael Bravo, Anthony Mingilino, Michael Li, Justin Bartha, Sasha Barrese, Mike Tyson, Sondra Currie, Jesse Erwin, Keith Lyle, Brody Stevens, Todd Phillips, Joe Alexander, Ken Flaherty, Constance Broge, Sue Pierce, Robert A. Ringler, Chauntae Davies, Alisa Allapach, Nicholas Furu, Angelica Flameno, Lily Winn, Katerina Moutsatsou, Gretchen Egolf, Jordan Bobbitt, Lanette Fugit, Niko Koshet, Stephanie Mathis, April Montgomery, Joan Riegert, Rachael Riegert, Heather Roop, Jessica Simons, Tom Spano, Michael A. Rizza, Mitch Holleman, Joey Brander, Joe Satriani, James Martin Kelly, Lisa Catara, Alex Pulido, Matthew Corbett Davis, Richard Reid, Jaira Valenti, Cody Deal, Brian Irvin, Bart Blackburn, Guile Branco, Kaitlin Clark, Annie Reese, Yvonne Vera, Fran Severini, Brittani Jenee', Bradley Cooper, Shannon Brokaw, Emma Wetzel, Ivy Lee, Grant Holmquist, Kimya Mallory, Tomiko, Roger Chico De Coster ...
Mystery, Comedy, Crime ...
USA, Germany

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Imdb rating: 7.8

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i watched this movie bcs my friends forced me to watch this.and m happy bcs this movie is such an epic!!after watching i thought why i was refusing to watch it.that situation was so hilarious,that the guys got themselves of the best comedy movie that you can watch again and'll never stop laughing once you start.acting,direction,and cast everything was so perfect.i watched it atleast 6-7 times and there was never a dull moment.
Zach Galifianakis is one of the best comedian actor.he did really great job.
after of 5 years not watching it, i did and this has to be my most favorite comedy movie
Yet another 5 year old movie that I just got around to watching. It was fun. I doubt there is anything I can add new.
Funny as hell. Gotta love these guys!
haha I really enjoyed this, very funny, glad I watched it.
Better then the second one.
I did enjoyed it but it kinda reminded me to "Dude, where's my car".
Aww ...such a funny movie .... don't miss the (photos) credits.

The greatest comedy movie, seriously MUST watch!!!!!!!!!!!!

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