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Nice one. Starts well, keeps going well, well acted, nice characters, interesting plot. Not the best movie ever but a decent one for sure. Everyone did his part. From the music to the dialogues by the photography and the actors and writers, it was a nice ride, full of what life's made of.
Don't miss it. Also that kid!
@spiff65 yes, I watched Calvary recently, very good movie.
check out Calvary, also stars gleeson and has same director
I loved this movie, Gleeson was brilliant as usual, as well as the rest of the cast. Good Banter, very funny. Recommend watching this, I gave it 8/10 :-)
All in good fun. Made me laugh a few times, not bad.
This movie is hilarious , great !
I recommend !
If you want to have a good laugh and watch something humorous ... just do it !
... enjoy it !
Vodlocker Link of Simi5 is not in English.

Very funny and extremely entertaining.

absolutely loved this one!! Gleeson is fantastic in this, perfect role for him!!

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