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just watched this movie again last night , still EPIC !!
I don't think there is much I can add that hasn't already been said!.One of the all time greatest films ever made.If you have never watched!!!
I remember watching this movie in the cinema and I loved it. It made me cry. The performances are incredible and the story is told in such a way that one's emotions will stir. I totally recommend watching this gem of a movie to anyone who hasn't seen it!
watching this always makes me cry, it IS one of the very best movies i have seen.................Xj.cX
This movie is absolutely BRILLIANT!!!Tom Hanks was amazing but Michael Clarke Duncan was Mesmerizing.Yes the movie is 3 hours long but it's worth every minute.You will go through a whole lot of emotions watching this but it's a movie you will never forget.
This is a Must for everyone. 10/10 Bring the tissues....

I love this movie.. I cried so much.. ;( it's in my top 5! RIP Michael Clarke Duncan.

RIP Michael Clarke Duncan. I had to watch this again when I heard that you passed. This movie will always be in my top 10.

Never fails to get old this one

Words cannot express how GOOD this movie is. Seriously. Stop what you're doing for the next 3 hours and go watch it.
My masterpiece
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