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The Fly 1986

A brilliant but eccentric scientist begins to transform into a giant man/fly hybrid after one of his experiments goes horribly wrong...

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Freaks me out, giant man-fly smh
holly molly 1986, they have done a great job !! 7/10
Well just found out its a remake of a 1958 movie so maybe not innovative.
That was pretty good and innovative,first watched it about 20 years ago and still as good,same for the sequel.
I watched this as a child and I will never forget it. I was just telling my little sister about it and she looked horrified lol.
(TV)(First Viewing, 3 Cronenberg films seen)

Seth Brundle is a scientist working on teleportation. Just when he thinks he's ironed out the last bug in his system, the intervention of a common house fly turns Seth into a 6 foot insect.

I wanted to start seeing some more Cronenberg films, so I took advantage of this playing on cable. I really didn't think I was going to like it as much as I did. It is an extremely well done sci-fi flick. And Jeff Goldblum gives a surprisingly great performance. Now I have to see the original.
Anyone watch the US Women's Gymnastics Team Trials? :p

Anyone else confused by the team selection criteria? And what is this "Karolyi camp" that go to before the actual team is chosen? So it appears that the only two athletes that were able to secure spots on the team were Courtney Kupets and Courtney-no-neck-McCool (is it just me, or does it seem like her muscles are over-ly tone?!)? :confused:

Anyhoo, nice to see some good Asian American representation at the Trials. Let's here is my prediction:

1. Courtney Kupets
2. Courtney McCool
3. Carlie Patterson
4. Mohini Bhardwaj (funny how Pamela Andersen is financing her..Go Mo!)
5. Tabitha Yim
6. Allyse Ishino

7. Holly Vise
8. Tasha Schwikert
9. Annia Hatch

I can't believe trampoline is an Olympic Sport *shaking head*

Looks like it may be a good year for US Women's Gymnastics Team--let's see how they will perform at the Olympics.
dont ya just hate it when ya just start turning into a fly and ya have to puke to eat......
The younger Goldblum and Davis are really the only reasons to watch this, with Goldblum looking like he was practicing some fly moves right from the start, like the darting eyes and weird tongue thing. After the experiment went wrong they used gobs of sugary goo to recreate Goldblum's metamorphosis, until eventually he was just one big gob of goo so they could blow off his gooey head. Pretty much over the top. Geena Davis is appropriately semi-hysterical from mid-movie on, then close to completely out of her mind when she's pregnant with HIS child. Well it wouldn't set well with most folks to have THAT fermenting inside of them either, so it works. I wouldn't eat watching this movie. Even though you know its fake the imagery is not mouth-watering, unless you eat like a fly.

There's reasonably good chemistry between Goldblum and Davis which engages you in the sad side story of the destruction of Them as he literally falls apart.

This is the movie they watched when they picked Goldblum to play Malcolm in Jurassic Park. He rattles off the jargon as good as they come and should get the Award for Best Technobabble if they ever start up that category.

This movie was too yucky for me to enjoy a lot. Even though you can actually chuckle at him losing body parts the overall effect is not endearing. It gets a 7.5/10 mostly because I liked the actors.

The Fly II is also on the same DVD but I'm not going to watch it, a semi-stupid sequel I've seen pieces of before. It was just the way to buy The Fly. There's just a few trailers as extras on the Fly side of the disk. The video is OK and the audio isn't bad at all; I actually heard something from the surrounds now and then which is more than you can say for some older movies that claim a 5.1 mix. The DVD gets a 7.5/10 also only because there's another movie on it otherwise its a 7/10. If the other movie would've interested me it'd be an 8/10.
Time is not time on the water. There is no measure unseen. There are no changes unknown. The sea cannot be earmarked for residential or commercial development. No machine can re-shape its contours. It is as it always has been and always will be. Man, given a capable vessel, can cast himself from civilization and play by his own rules. Slip back in time. Live by the eyes and everything inside. Sail by a starry compass and fleshy sextant. Two hundred years ago in the Eastern Caribbean, men did just that. But one man did it best. So good, in fact, that he'll never be remembered properly because of it. And also, he stole cats.

Such is one of the opening passages in Professor H. Yuffdink Karlybooper's prolific historical account of the under-famed 'Cat Pirate,' appropriately titled Professor H. Yuffdink Karlybooper's Prolific Historical Account of the Under-Famed 'Cat Pirate', a man not only buried at sea, but by history as well. His story, quite lamentably, is shrouded by more lionized figures of political revolution and religious controversy and artistic movement; individuals of whom brandish more relevance and seemingly more excitement to attain notoriety beyond their era. But the Cat Pirate, as the German-Norwegian-Tasmanian-Nova Scotian-Argentinean professor in Caribbean history at the University of California-San Loco Mucho affirms, was a man with more moxie than most great men in time, and by all rights out-does many of the distinguished seafaring commanders spanning the world's chronology of illustrious naval feats. Also known as Captain Neumbeard, NeumDagger the Vicious, and Perilous Pete the Cockeyed (depending on which harbor he made port), the Cat Pirate earned his reputation not by his many run-ins with danger and destruction and gold-riddled glory, but with the very provenance of his most infamous moniker: he plundered cats. For the truest understanding, the under-told story behind the under-told story must first be told.

(grounds: suspected mockumentary)
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