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The Fifth Element 1997

In the colorful future, a cab driver unwittingly becomes the central figure in the search for a legendary cosmic weapon to keep Evil and Mr Zorg at bay...

Release Date:
May 9, 1997
126 min
Luc Besson ...
Bruce Willis, Sonny Caldinez, Charlie Creed-Miles, Gary Oldman, Sam Douglas, Kristen Fick, Michael Culkin, Martin McDougall, Ian Holm, Mathieu Kassovitz, Tommy 'Tiny' Lister, Jerome Blake, Kaleem Janjua, Vladimir McCrary, Tracy Redington, Milla Jovovich, Eve Salvail, Brion James, Alan Ruscoe, Gin Clarke, Christopher Adamson, Julie T. Wallace, David Kennedy, Luke Perry, Anthony Chinn, Mac McDonald, John Bluthal, John Hughes, Roger Monk, Jason Salkey, Aron Paramor, Cecil Cheng, Indra Ové, John Sharian, Richard Leaf, Sonita Henry, Kamay Lau, Kim Chan, Chris Tucker, Lee Evans, Tricky, John Neville, Christopher Fairbank, Al Matthews, Maïwenn, John Bennett, Ivan Heng, Tim McMullan, Hon Ping Tang, George Khan, Roberto Bryce, Said Talidi, Clifton Lloyd Bryan, Justin Lee Burrows, Richard Ashton, Kevin Molloy, Bill Reimbold, Colin Brooks, Derek Ezenagu, David Barrass, Mark Seaton, Jean-Luc Caron, Riz Meedin, Jerry Ezekiel, Nicole Merry, Stacey McKenzie, Rachel Willis, Genevieve Maylam, Josie Perez, Natasha Brice, Sophia Goth, Pete Dunwell, Paul Priestley, Stewart Harvey-Wilson, David Fishley, Carlton Chance, Tyrone Tyrell, Kevin Brewerton, Vincenzo Pellegrino, Ian Beckett, Zeta Graff, Eddie Ellwood, Yui, Laura De Palma, Lenny McLean, Robert Oates, Fred Williams, Sibyl Buck, Sarah Carrington, Ali Yassine, Sean Buckley, Dane Messam, Nathan Hamlett, Scott Woods, Leon Dekker, David Garvey, Stanley Kowalski, Omar Williams, Robert Clapperton, Robert Alexander, Mia Frye, Leo Williams, C. Keith Martin, J.D. Dawodu, Patrick Nicholls, Shaun Davis, Roy Garcia, Alex Georgijev, Marie Guillard, Renee Montemayor, Stina Richardson, Frank Senger, François Guillaume, Gito Santana, Joss Skottowe, John Hughes, Roger Wright, Anita Koh ...
Thriller, Action, Romance, Adventure, Sci-Fi ...
English, German, Swedish

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Imdb rating: 7.6

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One of my guilty pleasures. Not a great FILM by any means but i always enjoy it
and sorry marbear but i could do without Tucker in the movie, i just find him annoying.
Forgot how good this movie is. Definitely worth checking it again...8/10
Chris Tucker screaming!LOL I love that guy! I only watched it because of him, he's so me it's insane! Bruce willis was a hottie! This movie is whatever i just watched it because i love the actors who starred in this.
@Misabel13: Only fitting that you get five thumbs up. :-)
'Fifth Element to the power of 10' the sequel is long over due if there is ever going to be one I wanna see it
One of my favourite movies! Can watch it again and again-this movie just has so many great elements in it ( no pun intended,hehe)- its a classic and a must watch in my opinion!
Best Movie of all times.
At Brightonmatt He's called Chris Tucker not Chris Brown, Chris tucker was indeed annoying, but when he played with Jackie Chan in the movie rush hour he rocked :P
Love this movie old is cool :D
I was 11 when I first saw this movie on the tele and I thought the future was going to be exactly that, though it hasn't I've come to a realization that Chris Brown is an annoying actor with a high pitched voice and in majority of the movies his been in, I find him to be annoying and a disturbance.
I'd say it a different way; Even if you are NOT a Bruce fan, both The Fifth Element and 12 Monkeys are worth a watch (and might change your mind - did for me :)
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