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Any chance we can get a link to a copy where the subs are in English? Like an actual DVD copy? Please, and thank you!!
@BrightonMatt So true!
Great liking 1-2 good old face's let's go for 3 ;)
not too shabby at all.. entertaining to see them tongue-in-cheek-ly poking fun at their own careers.. anyone know what arnold's comment to chuck - 'who's next, rainbow?' - was referencing?? i feel like i should know but can't recall.
not bad for an all out crazy blow and crash movie watchable
Certainly not as smart in terms of script as some action flix, but it makes up for it in cameos. You pretty much know how it will end after the first 15 minutes, but who cares? Its a freaking all-star action film with, as noted below, tons of cameos. And fortunately, not all that heavy on the cliche' lines given the cast.
Not a great movie, but watchable and fun.
"Another shot 'em up, blow 'em up, slash, and whatever you can do to kill maim and dismember movie with all the, "action guys." Totally nonsense. Just gratuitous violence."
"i think this movie is on par with the demolition man, pretty much total nonsense but filled with so much action it distracts you from any sense of plot, logic, suspense, character development etc and all those "things" that are usually a requirement for a movie."
People actually said these things about this movie.
@VanScythe Too funny "Oh it's too violent (well duh)". Not wanting to read all the reviews I have to ask if someone actually wrote that?
This movie is what it is and that is a fast paced action shoot em up blow em up star studded movie. Character development lol
Full of one-liners and cameos, lots and lots of action, and comedic mishaps. All the things you could wish for in an Action film. Which everyone here seems to not understand about action movies. "Oh it has no plot (it does)", "Oh it's too violent (well duh)", "There's no character development (did you never think that they were already fully developed as characters, considering they are the action hero legends?)." Everyone's a critic. If all you're gonna do is complain about a classically developed action film, then don't watch it. If you like REAL action movies, give this one a watch. But if you want a story-driven "action" film, you should stay away.
I watched this movie at the cinema and the only good thing about the movie are the people in the movie and some comedy.
Its a movie just so that Stallone can milk more money from us.
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