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It's not edge of your seat frightening. But it is a good solid movie. Well made. Worth a watch... 7.5/10
There is something about exorcism movies that always creeps me out...
This one will keep you on the edge of your seat. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!
good movie, im kinda scared now
Great movie this, the real girl called, Anneliese Michel, was said to have been possesed by 5 Demons, those 5 was, Judas Iscariot, Adolf Hitler, Nero, Cain, Fleischmann and Lucifer, plus others.
its fun to pretend demons are real. it is sorta sad that the real anneliese and the priests spent 8 months trying to drive out things that dont exist. the poor girl needed psychological help... not medieval witch doctors...

Almost all of these movies are actually based off of the possession of Anneliese Michel, a woman from germany.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose: Wow! First off, I'd just like to say that I'm very surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie! I was expecting it to be ok.... but it was great! The movie is, genuinely, scary - which is a very hard thing for a film to do and still carry a PG-13 tag. Actually, scratch that, making a scary movie is a very hard thing to do. The great thing about this movie is that it doesn't really try to be scary at all. It doesn't try to force cheap thrills down your throat over and over, it really carries a sense of eeriness and suspense that is unlike any film I've seen in a while. Which brings me to my next point, this movie is unlike any other I've ever seen! It could be described as a courthouse/horror/thriller. I've never seen this combonation tried before, and it's quite cool that it all worked out. Now, don't get me wrong the continuity was great, the filmaker made the backstory of Emily Rose integate very well with the courtroom and the film as a whole.... *but* I have to admit that I felt a little letdown at some points when I was really scared and tense on one scene then it switched back to the courtroom. Trust me, that's not a huge deal at all, because the courtroom was also pretty tense, but I thought I'd just say. Really though, I'm looking forward to the release of this film to the general public so I can see it again! I really liked it a lot. That's why I'm giving it an astounding 90/100! Yeah! It got bonus points because I got scared in two different scenes! That's unheard of! Good day.

Was dragged kicking and screaming to see The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Neither liked nor disliked the movie. Didn't freak me out, either. Sorry. Don't have anything to say.

This one was just... not there. It came close to hitting that elusive home run a few times and appeared to have all of the appropriate elements, but just failed to hit its mark.

Laura Linney was fabulous. She's such a beautiful, talented, under-utilized actress. She was great. Tom Wilkinson was stellar in his role. Jennifer Carpenter absolutely stole the show in her performance as Emily Rose. This movie has the scare-factor of it being based on something real going for it.

Yet somehow, this movie just misses. I can't describe it any better than it just missing it's mark. I understand the necessity to treat the subject matter delicately because of its balance between religion and science, but the script ultimately fails.

The scares are good, but don't seem to quite live up to their buildups and are far and few between. At times, the movie felt like a court room drama, or more similar to an extended episode of The Practice than a feature film.

I noticed the marketing department has already switched gears and stopped billing this as a "horror" but rather a "thriller". A subtle difference, that MAKES a difference. While the movie isn't horrible, it doesn't do the performances within any justice.
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