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Wow that was a good movie! I first saw the story on a television show called Locked Up Abroad a few years ago but I had no idea they made a movie about it. I only found out through another solarian's comments on another show about it. 9/10 for me.
Very good movie !!
10/10 :D Amazing movie
Amazing story, specially knowing that it is mostly from true events and real people,great acting, very powerful stuff, mind boggling evil minded violence from a freak of history, fascinating but disturbing at the same time. The invasion of Irak was put in place for all the wrong reasons and using lies to justify it but it do one very good thing: wiping out this evil tyrannic Sadam Hussein family. a must watch.8/10
based on a true story
good movie, not as shocking as I thought it would be though. Interesting, but tame compared to some of the actual things said about him in real life.
really good movie.... must watch
ive been looking for this movie for awhile thank you!
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