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The Devil's Advocate 1997

An exceptionally adept Florida lawyer is offered a job to work in New York City for a high-end law firm with a high-end boss - the biggest opportunity of his career to date...

Release Date:
October 17, 1997
144 min
Craig T. Nelson, George Wyner, Charlize Theron, Al Pacino, John Rothman, Juan Carlos Hernández, Heather Matarazzo, James Saito, Anibal O. Lleras, E. Katherine Kerr, Keanu Reeves, Daniel Oreskes, Monica Keena, Delroy Lindo, Susan Kellermann, Vyto Ruginis, Paul Benedict, Vincent Laresca, Harsh Nayyar, Tom Riis Farrell, Michael Lombard, Gino Lucci, Connie Nielsen, William Hill, Chris Bauer, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Roy Jones Jr., Jeffrey Jones, Judith Ivey, Neal Jones, Benny Nieves, Leo Burmester, Gloria Lynne Henry, Caprice Benedetti, Laura Harrington, Tamara Tunie, Todd Wall, Charles A. Gargano, Marcia DeBonis, Christopher Del Gaudio, Kim Chan, Debra Monk, George Gore II, Bo Rucker, Al Cerullo, Bill Boggs, Murphy Guyer, Adrian Lee, Rocco Musacchia, Novella Nelson, Hollis Granville, George Sperdakos, Ray Garvey, Alan Manson, Pamela Gray, Connie Embesi, Jonathan Cavallary, Bill Moor, Eddie Aldridge, Mark Deakins, Brian Poteat, Don King, Mohammed Ghaffari, Nicki Cochrane, Fenja Klaus, Franci Leary, Jorge Navarro, Jose Fernandes Torres, Antonio Vargas Cortés, Elena Camunez Andújar, Linda Atkinson, Wei Mei Wong, Liza Harris, Marc Manfro, J. Nester, Edward Seamon, Patrick Joseph Byrnes, Gregory Lichtenson, Socorro Santiago, Marie Stuart Vassallo, Harold Surratt, Alfonse D'amato, Lou Rudin, Ernie Grunfeld, Alan Grubman, Cadillac Moon, Nikita Ager, Cindy Birch, Rich Campbell, Joyce Garland, Frank Licari, Al Santoriello, Christopher King, Omar Koury, Rony Clanton ...
Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller ...
USA, Germany

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This has always been on my list of faves. Al Pacino playing up his dark side as the owner of an unscrupulous law firm, Keanu Reeves as the clueless attorney in his search for greatness (which is oddly left out of the credits here), the amazing Connie Nielson as the legal aid/temptress (also left out), and Charlize Theron, perhaps the only truly innocent in the movie, who aptly pays the high price of being a good soul in an evil world.
Based on a book by Andrew Neiderman, the film centers on a young lawyer who joins a New York firm only to discover that his boss has an increasingly bizarre personality ... in other words, a hotshot lawyer gets more than he bargained for when he learns his new boss is Lucifer himself...

"VANITY...definitely my favorite sin."

A trashy take on lawyers and the devil.
Charlize Theron is pretty good as Keanu's kooky wife.
I love the scene with the baby in the room.

But this comes as no surprise...
the devil likes the idea of incest. :rolleyes:

I need to see a really good movie.
REALLY good. I'm so sick of crap being sub-par.
Woah, this movie was intense. The Devil's Advocate was a bit too long, 130 minutes, but the twists within the story made it interesting to go on watching. Though I thought it was lame when the devilish part started and they had those visions and stuff. I would have prefered it to just stay a story about law and dealing with cases and corrupt people. But somehow the title of the movie probably had to make sense.

I'm actually surprised I've never seen this movie. It's so old already, and they sure already showed it on TV, but I'd never seen even a tiny bit of it before. The performances were rather fine, especially by Al Pacino and Charlize Theron. Yes, I have to give this one a good rating, even though I wasn't sure sometimes. But it was just interesting.
Comments pending.
Al Pacino does some of his best over-acting. Interesting all the way through.

Another failed attempt at an accent by Keanu Reeves.I almost pity him here because he seems so out of his element. I don't know what his element is, but playing a Southern lawyer sure isn't it.

I've never understood the rabid devotion this movie gets on some message boards. Pacino chews the scenery and is excused because he is playing the devil and therefore his performance should have been larger than life.The dialogue is so cheesy in some places it's almost embarrassing.

A reluctant fresh because it is at least beautiful to look at.
Warning: Minimal but possible spoilers.

Something I will never understand is it a popoular opinion that lawyers have some kind of ill intent in their actions. Perhaps it is just because they easy targets or that the myth has been around so long, people actually believe it. The Devil's Advocate starts with an overly successful attorney who has never lost a case. But it is becomes bigger than any legal case or drama. The Devil's Advocate always leaves me begging for more.

Kevin Lomax finds himself on a ball. Having lost no cases, he is chosen to be the defense attorney for a famous client accused of a triple homicide. He begins noticing hints that his client may not in fact be innocent. So what? The money is great, and everyone has the right to representation. His wife begins suffering from cryptic hallucinations that he shrugs of as simple signs of stress. Slowly, Kevin begins to realize that there is some awful secret his boss, John Milton is hiding from him. His boss is Satan.

I feel bad spoiling this in a review, but it seems so obvious even from the advertisements and the first act alone this is the case. Its rather amusing because everyone but Kevin seems to have some idea of this already, be it figurative or literal. Perhaps the audience is given an unfair advantage, seeing the evidence Kevin cannot. I am a bit divided on the use of such techniques of having a main character stay in the dark while the viewer already has a sense of the direction.

That being said, I could not be thrilled just how otherwise satisfying this horror turns out to be. There are moments I was genuinely disturbed by its graphic nature, sacreligious themes, and superbly crafted creepiness. I love how Mary Anne begins talking to a little child in her house. Standing behind the child, she wonders what it is the infant is playing with. Of course, I will leave you in suspense to what it was. Lets just say the answer had me floored. There is such a sleek style here, I absolutely love it. My two favorite parts include a man taking an overdue jog and a confrontation perfectly shot with flickering light near a fireplace.

One of the strongest qualities happens to be the incredibly capable cast. Believe it or not, Keanu Reeves actually does a great job acting in this film. Watching him, I saw a side of Keanu Reeves I had not seen before. He was able to convey emotion instead of his usual wooden performances. He additionally carries a southern accent rather well. Of course, Scarlett Johannason (spelling?) and Al Pacino steal the show. Pacino alone, is worth seeing it for his flashy demeanor and engaging monologues.

Whether you believe in religion or even Christianity is besides the point. As is the philosophical debate whether or not it is moral to defend someone you know is guilty. Such discussions are in actuality, useless here. The Devil's Advocate has one goal in mind - to creep the hell out of the audience. It does exactly that.
The Devil's Advocate was one of those movies I had seen 5 or 6 different short parts of but nothing to clue me in on anything whatsoever may have been going on. So I finally sat down and watched it and was both surprised at how good it was a dissapointed with what it could have been. It really shows alot of promise as a movie, however, at the end, I really couldnt all get to what it was saying. But it still was alot of fun and has a few surprising turns that keep the movie continually interesting.

After watching Kung Fu Hustle at SXSW, I figured I should probaby check out the other similiar film, Shaolin Soccer. So I downloaded that and watched it through. I was dissapointed that Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle are so similiar but, I still liked both movies alot. Shaolin Soccer wasnt as good as Hustle, but it was still a funny and action packed movie. Something thats incredibly hard to do without making it cheesy. And by resorting to special effects only when necessary, it keeps the movie from being dependently lame on the fx.
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