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The Descent 2005

A caving expedition goes horribly wrong, as the explorers become trapped and ultimately pursued by a strange breed of predators...

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I think they found hell in a cave
Anyone who say this movie is garbage obviously know nothing about horror movies. It was made on a budget of about 3-fiddy and is infinitely more original, edgy, claustrophobic and scary than 99% of the 100m dollar run-of-the-mill cattle prod "horror" films which the hollywood conveyor-belt has been churning out on a monthly basis for the last 15 years.
@lestatreuven nnnnno. I think you simply don't know any better.
I loved this movie and seeing the comments, I feel kind of dumb now. I thought the characters personality's were very distinct, one of the few horror/thriller movies I had compassion when someone actually was killed off. The main character was a little ditsy but we all take the things that happens to us in life differently. This film had me going from pissed off, jumping, grossing out, creeped out to ha ha elated. Since I must have a fetish for plot holes heh I have watched this film 3 different times. Nothing but love here.
@diadem I gave the same rating. Psychological thriller or gore flick, whatever, it was absolute garbage. Anyone who says otherwise either has a fetish for plotholes or simply doesn't know any better.
Thanks for linking...I uploaded that myself. Still no captcha for us regular folk.
Ya gotta remember, 50% of the population is at the bottom half of the intelligence pool so one has to expect some rather unanalyzed opinions <):)
Honestly, I am glad that most viewers are not critics. This allows filmakers to feel ok about producing something with intelligence to it. This movie was never about the creatures, it is about the fragility of the human psyche, and one persons decent into darkness. It's a metaphor, and the 'boring' first half is used to set up and establish that these people are the same as you and me, then taking a turn where they are put into a situation that evokes their dark, animal instincts. Without the ability to descend into this darkness, we would perish, as did the poor, higher-functioning critters did here.
Anyone know if one of these links for Descent is the UK version that pumpkinheadt refered to? The potlucker link obviously no longer is here.
@nevyn77 have you watched Descent number 2?
Boy oh boy its even scarier!!! 10/10
I loved both of these scifi flicks equally, but second even more scary..Cheers