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good movie. i think this is something i would watch again.
Excellent movie I just don't know why they would ever put this movie under comedy, there is nothing comedic about this movie. 10/10
Very good film.. The films description above is way off.. He is a very simple man that is burdened with a huge decision to make & his decision will affect everyone around him.. At the same time he's dealing with possibly losing his wife, kids & while his wife is laying in a coma he finds out she had been having an affair & was going to ask him for a divorce.. It was a very emotional film for me because I watched my mother dwindle away while laying in a hospital bed & the grief is unimaginably overwhelming at times..
good movie, maybe a little bit boring, but still good!

Brilliant, emotional, realistic, wonderful 9/10

No, I'm sorry. I thought about it, but I've never done it and with my luck I'd get caught first time! :)

Ok, so i went to the theater to see this movie tonight and I was really looking forward to it. Bottom line, it's an OK movie but so sad I wished I had seen anything else.

I don't get why their are no links for this movie yet. It suppose to be very good. Not complaining, just wishing some links would be posted.

This movie has been out for two months. Someone must have a link. Please upload. Thanks!