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The Departed 2006

An undercover state cop who has infiltrated an Irish gang and a mole in the police force working for the same mob race to track down and identify each other before being exposed to the enemy, after both sides realize their outfit has a rat...

Release Date:
October 6, 2006
151 min
Martin Scorsese ...
John Farrer, Mark Wahlberg, Jay Giannone, John McConnell, Ray Winstone, Matt Damon, Alec Baldwin, William Severs, Audrie Neenan, Anthony Anderson, Martin Sheen, Dorothy Lyman, Tom Kemp, James P. Anderson, David O'Hara, Robert Myers, John Cenatiempo, Jack Nicholson, Billy Smith, John Rue, Desiree April Connolly, Jeffrey Corazzini, Steve Flynn, Trudi Goodman, Crystal Lisbon, Billy Silvia, John Wayland Somers, Stream, Alex Morris, Mark Rolston, John Polce, Terry Serpico, Nicolas Quilter, Brian Smyj, Eric Bruno Borgman, Craig Castaldo, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph P. Reidy, J.C. MacKenzie, Brian Haley, Jeffrey Winter, Steve Scarfo, Shana Carr, Anthony Estrella, Armen Garo, Donna Wong, Kevin Corrigan, Larry Mitchell, Chance Kelly, Conor Donovan, David Conley, Francesca Scorsese, Nellie Sciutto, Henry Yuk, Kristen Dalton, Dennis Lynch, Bo Cleary, Vic Clay, Vera Farmiga, Alfredo Romeo Suarez, Mary Klug, Osmani Rodriguez, Mark Hemphill, Douglas Crosby, Robert Wahlberg, Johnny Cicco, Shay Duffin, Mick O'Rourke, Kevin P. McCarthy, Andrew Aninsman, Gurdeep Singh, Steve Lord, Gail Yudain, Jim Ford, Buddy Dolan, Dion Baia, Tracey Brennan, Brendan Burke, Conor Timmis, William Lee, Peg Holzemer, Lawrence Cameron Steele, Oliver Martin, Jack McCullough, Lyman Chen, James Badge Dale, Thomas B. Duffy, Robert 'Toshi' Kar Yuen Chan, David Boston, Joseph Riccobene, Chris Fischer, Andrew Breving, Tracey Paleo, Frank Mallicoat, Paula DeMers, Amanda Lynch, Sallie Toussaint, Patrick Coppola, Deborah Carlson, Peter Welch, Michael Byron, Peter Crafts, Paris Karounos, Victor Chan, Jill Brown, Sarah Fearon, Denece Ryland, Zachary Pauliks, Daniel F. Risteen Jr., Francis P. Hughes, Kenneth Stoddard, Paddy Curran, Mark Philip Patrick, David Fischer, Walter Y.F. Wong, Tony M. Yee, Emma Tillinger Koskoff, Takumi Bando, Vincent Bivona, Jim Evans, Mackenzie Hawe, Frank Mancuso, Paul McGillicuddy, Lorre Fritchy, Chris Chinn, Ed Cuffe, James Michael Farrell, Henry Kwan, Shawn Fogarty, Billy Smith, Alex Morris ...
Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Crime ...
USA, Hong Kong
English, Cantonese

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Solar rating: 9.2


Imdb rating: 8.5

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Quite a good movie. Surprised by the ending. Worth the watch.
I loved this movie. I don't know how you can go wrong with a cast this strong. There is no question as to why this movie did as well as it did. Defiantly one of the better crime dramas out there. Very much worth 2.5 hours if you are into seeing an epic movie. 9/10
Mark Wahlberg is an @$$hole. I can't look at his face for 2.5 hours without constantly remembering that old Vietnamese guy he assaulted while shouting racial slurs. He committed multiple hate crimes, maimed someone for life, and only served 45 days out of a 2 year sentence because he's famous? Screw him, screw his movies. And he's a homophobe too. He makes me sick.
Sports stars/actors/the wealthy elite need to be held accountable for their crimes.
Not watching.
was ok for a movie
This here is what makes Martin Scorse's film's amazing. With a strong great cast including Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, and Leonardo DiCaprio and some great moments, this will remind you of old gangster flick's like The Godfather and Good Fellas.
This was the second Scorsese film I saw, and the first one I sat from start to finish without saying anything. The way the film keeps you on edge not wanting to miss anything for then youll lose all track of what happened.

DiCaprio impressed me beyond compare in this, showing us that he can act, and will be better off working with Scorsese. I think his work with Marty will be the next work of geniuses, we've seen some amazing classics with Scorsese and DeNiro on em, im looking forward to more.

I recently saw Internal Affairs the film this is based off of, while similar there are small things that separate the two that dont merit comparison.
It's A Martin Scorsese film with Leonardo Di Caprio, Matt Damon, Mark Walhberg, Alec Baldwin, Ray Winstone, and Jack Nicholson! What else could get possibly wrong? Perfect direction, great actors, involving plot, a perfect film for me. One of my favorite Scorsese film.
When I first watched a film with DiCaprio (Romeo+Juliet) I thought: "This is just another fuckin handsome dude". But then I heard that he had became the new DeNiro for Martin Scorsese. So I watched The Departed and wow,... change of mind. I guess I don't have to talk about Matt Damon or Jack Nicholson, right? And Vera Farmiga, well...(damn hot). Ok, about the film itself, full entertaining, keeps you in suspense every minute with all that infiltration stuff. Art as only Scorsese can make.
Great acting, horrible plot. I know I'm the minority here, but I really disliked The Departed.
Do you want him to chop me up and feed me to tha poor, huh, is that what you want? Great movie form start to finish. Great acting and an insane plot. Another incredible movie from the wonderful Scorsese.
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