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For me it picked up once the SH*T hit the fan.
Then it was mostly action. lol it was aaaight
6.5 once you get past the beginning its moves better
i quite liked was decent movie with good storyline.the idea behind it was very good and electrical beings was really pretty unique.everything was okay but if the direction had been a LITTLE good with more sci fi it would be a hit movie...ending wasn't i expected. bcs ending was without any closure..but overall a DECENT WATCH!
Watched this awhile ago. Enjoyed the acting, the special effects and the story line. I of course would have loved to seen what they could have done with 100x the budget they had, but with what they did, it was really nice. 8 out of 10.
I saw this movie few years back thought it was awesome . Low imdb score. but it was great
This movie was on TV here just a moment ago. I must admit that eventhough it is a rather basic movie and it doesnt really show much, doesnt explain much, doesnt give any real closure .. it is absolutelly a good movie.
Would have loved it if they had given the movie more depth and some insight into the aliens or some form of resolution, but I'm not disappointed.
already seen this ages bu i was mortal drunk so gonna watch it again it was good from what i can remember
Its a low tech (low budget?) but intersting enough movie ... its kinda like a pilot though, the end wasnt really an end 6/10

the quality is bad but the movie is also bad, so...

interesting movie

What a bummer, its so dark you can only make out 5-10% of the screen, and to make things even worse the sound goes out of sync, hope a better version comes out soon.

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