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The Dark Knight 2008

When the menace known as the Joker wreaks havoc and chaos on the people of Gotham, the caped crusader must come to terms with one of the greatest psychological tests of his ability to fight injustice...

Release Date:
July 18, 2008
152 min
Christopher Nolan ...
Olumiji Olawumi, Peter Rnic, Nancy Crane, Nicky Katt, Michael Vieau, Christian Bale, Peter DeFaria, Jonathan Macchi, Joseph Mazurk, Keith Kupferer, Mike Bach, Tommy Bartlett, Kelli Clevenger, Thomas Kosik, Don Kress, Dan Latham, Chris D. Thomas, John Thurner, Lisa Wolf, William Armstrong, Chris Wilson, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Vincent Riotta, Eric Roberts, Aaron Eckhart, Bronson Webb, Richard Dillane, Tommy 'Tiny' Lister, Nydia Rodriguez Terracina, Ron Dean, Danny Goldring, Will Zahrn, Dean Mitchell, Debbi Burns, Tony Domino, Tim Krueger, Michael Kuster, Joseph Lazicki, January Stern, Erik A. Williams, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Anthony Michael Hall, Paul Birchard, Erron Jay, Lisa McAllister, Tim Glanfield, Robert Stone, Winston Ellis, Bruce Allen Dawson, Heath Ledger, Tom Townsend, Melinda McGraw, Ritchie Coster, James Fierro, John Turk, John Warman, Charles Venn, Martin Ballantyne, John Snowden, Ramses Jimenez, Jason Frederick, Lorna Gayle, Monique Gabriela Curnen, Joshua Rollins, William Fichtner, Cillian Murphy, Sharlene Grover, Amit Shah, Mike Whyte, Matthew Leitch, Vincenzo Nicoli, Michael Caine, Roger Monk, Chin Han, Nestor Carbonell, Keith Szarabajka, Colin McFarlane, Joshua Harto, Nathan Gamble, Hannah Gunn, Michael Stoyanov, William Smillie, Matthew O'Neill, Greg Beam, Erik Hellman, Beatrice Rosen, Edison Chen, Andy Luther, James Farruggio, Tom McElroy, Patrick Leahy, Sam Derence, Jennifer Knox, Patrick Clear, Sarah Jayne Dunn, David Dastmalchian, Sophia Hinshelwood, Joseph Luis Caballero, Daryl Satcher, Chris Petschler, Aidan Feore, Philip Bulcock, Walter Lewis, K. Todd Freeman, Matt Shallenberger, Lanny Lutz, Matt Rippy, Andrew Bicknell, Ariyon Bakare, Doug Ballard, Helene Wilson, Tommy Campbell, Craig Heaney, Peter Brooke, Dale Rivera, Adam Kalesperis, Tristan Tait, David Ajala, Gertrude Mosley, Jonathan Ryland, James Scales, Nigel Carrington, Ian Pirie, Lateef Lovejoy, Grahame Edwards, Ronan Summers, Wai Wong, Michael Corey Foster, Brandon Lambdin, Jeff Albertson, Tracy L. Aldaz, Matthew W. Allen, Stephen Armourae, Jon Lee Brody, Maritza Cabrera, Shirin Caiola, Matt Cho, Henry Milton Chu, Jessica Doyle, Jazz Dhiman, Richard Divizio, Gene Fojtik, Reese Foster, Darren Elliot Fulsher, David Fultz, Scott Ganyo, Marisol Giraud, Emily Margaret, Jordon Hodges, John Hoving, Bob Kaliebe, Mark Keiser, Charlie Kierscht, David Lesley, Deborah Lynn, J.R. Martino, Tom McComas, Rory Plante, Buster Reeves, Henry Sandifer, Jan Seybold, Vivek Shah, Michelle Shields, Sofiya Smirnova, Bruce Spielbauer, Richard Strobel, Kevin Zaideman, Krista McEnany, James Mellor, Ernest Pierce, Daniel Jefferson, Natalie Hallam, David William James Elliott, Asim A. Ahmad, Danielle Day, Noelle Lynn, Bill Ibrahim, Charles Query, Libby Pedersen, Gary Ryder, Robert Patrick Stern, Sara Ritz, Thomas Gaitsch, Essa Zahir, Michael Andrew Gorman, Laura Chernicky, Joe Nelson, Marc Radz, Alexander Hathaway, Will Jones, Dwight Sora, Blayne Bennett, Lorea Solabarrieta, Dan Gossen, Laine Edwards, Wayne Baker, Ivan Lovegren, Sal Ozbay, Elisa Schleef, Greg Schweiner, Michael Jai White, Chuen Tsou, David Cosey, Joe Nelson, Danielle Day ...
Drama, Thriller, Crime, Action, Adventure ...

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Solar rating: 8.9


Imdb rating: 9

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Pretty much the bar every superhero movie has to reach. 9/10
The best Joker played by Heath Ledger of all time. He was consumed by the character on and off the set.
Great movie, well worth the watch and if you haven't seen it yet then what are you waiting for?
@FrznFenix just wondering was the DMCA infringement claim on this title been lifted?
Wow, Loved it....

great movie although to me dark knight rises is better but thats just my opinion...

:fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: AHHHHHHH I Cant Effin Wait. So I knew After Batman Begins Ended That I Could Expect At Least An Equal Quality Film For The Next One. As More News Came Out About The Film I.E. Casting And I Heard Heath Was The Joker I Was Like Heath Ledger??? Then Thought About It...And Said Well Hes A Good Actor.....Actually Hell Hes Great And Why Should I Care If I Dont Perceive Heath Ledger As A Funnyman?? In Fact After About A Week After Finding Out He Was The Joker I Was Quite Excited. And Obvi After His Death And Seeing Previews I Just Could Not Contain Myself. People Told Me That Nobody Would Go See The Film After His Death. I Punched Them In The Face And Laughed. Obvi Im Obsessed With Christian Bale And This Is One Film Where I Really Dont Mind If Somebody Else Steals The Spotlight. I Mean We Are Talkin Oscar Nom Here. For A Superhero Movie. Love It. Im So Damn Excited For This Movie. Great Job Nolan On Continuing Your Consistency And Greatness! Im Prolly Gonna End Up Givin It At Least A 9 Outta 10 After I See It. Pre Viewing Im Goin With The 10
The bad:
* 30-40 minutes too long. It was perfectly paced and taut for the first half of the movie, but just when it seemed ripe and right for a climactic scene, there was ANOTHER turn/plot twist. After a while, the climax had no place to end up but be watered down.
* Too much unexplained anarchy ... let's see how they got the explosives in the warehouse, or on the ferries, or in the hospital. Let's see how Joker actually *plotted* some of this anarchy.

The good:
* Heath Ledger .... it's amazing that this is the same man that gave us as disparate a character as Brokeback's Ennis Del Mar. The Joker portrayal proves the depth of Ledger's acting abilities. It's depressing to know he'll never get another shot at thrilling us again. Every "Joker" scene made me sit up and take notice .... in fact, I kept waiting for the showdown, as I thought Joker wasn't in the movie's first half enough.
The BEST movie of 2008. Heath Ledger's talent makes the Joker the best character in the whole movie. Period..... The thrilling, edge of your seat action and special-effects were spectacular. It gave me the chills..... The Dark Knight is 100% the best superhero movie I have EVER seen.
An incredible summer action film Ledger portrayed an amazing perfomance. Definetly the best joker from any of the classic batman movies.But overall an incredible movie but it was a bit to long

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