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This is in my top 5 movies of all time. It is just that good. As a sci-fi loving, action loving, B horror movie guy, even though this is so far out of my genre, I love it.
I absolutely love this movie. One of the few movies I actually like more than the book.
the best presentation of this old story i've seen.
Is it Jim Cavizil?
Got on my top 10 favorites list amazing movie :D
I agree i can never get tired of this version even though i do love Richard chamerlain as an actor. its one of the few movies that even though they made alot of changes from the book it turned out better for it.
This make of the literary classic far succeeds any of the previous versions ever filmed, including 1975 Richard Chamberlain version. Every character is aligned with its perfect counterpart. A wonderful story acted out in a wonderful way. A film that will never turn stale as it ages!! Highly Recommend!!! CHEERS!! :-)
When I first saw this movie in the theater I did not like it. But aftewr renting it when it came out on DVD. I found my self really liking this movie and loving the bad guy played by Guy Pearce. I loved him in "Time Machine" and "L.A. Confidental" he play the bay guy so very well. This movie was very well done :up: :up:
Dahhhhlink, it's gonna be a rough next 3+ years. Degree Smegree. Damn.
the whole revenge thing was interesting. but after thinking about it for a bit, it was kinda lame... i really enjoyed the fight sequences tho, some of the best (and realistic) sword fights ive seen in awhile.
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