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The Cable Guy 1996

A lonely and disturbed cable guy raised on television just wants a new friend, but his target, a designer, rejects him, with bad consequences...

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So many memories attached to this movie, one of my favourites as well.
this is definatley my favourite movie of all time. I loved this movie when I was wee and I still do today. If you haven't seen it definatley check it out. I think this movie deifnatley deserves a 10/10.
My friend Cee told me to watch The Cable Guy, because she liked it, and I think it wasn't bad. It wasn't a deep story, though they tried to explain why the guy from the Cable Company acted so weird. And Jim Carrey is always good at playing that kind of roles - one eye laughing, one eye crying. There was a time when I hated Jim Carrey, especially for the movie The Mask, but I've learned to like him for his work throughout the past few years. And it's an interesting take on a guy compensating his problems with cable TV sort of. It was entertaining.
Jim Carey's best performance. If you have a true sense of humor, this movie is the bomb. More great one liners than 95% of other comedies out there.
First about the main charactar. I've been following Carey's career since "In Living Color" and I still enjoy his performances. I honestly believe you can take a stupid storylined comedy and make it descent or good with this guy! During my first viewing of this movie it's easy to say that it wasn't all that impressive. With that said, I've come to realize that this movie falls into the "see it more than once to find the humor" category and that's exactly what I did. Over and over I watched this film as it came on here and there on the tube. The more I watched it, the funnier it became. Good job Jim!

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one line review: "Black" comedy that falls flat on its face.

I've seen bits and pieces of it, but never the entire thing. This is the infamous black comedy starring Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick. It came out after Dumb & Dumber, Batman Forever and Ace Ventura 2... so it seemed that it might have been the final nail on Carrey's casket. As is, it's a perfect example of the overacting and mugging that he seems to (unfortunately) do best.

The directing by Ben Stiller (Reality Bites, Zoolander) is good, the fault is in the script and casting. Carrey overacts this part to the point where you don't feel that Chip could ever exist, and Broderick is too likeable. We feel bad for him, where as in Election he has enough faults that it was humerous when his life hit the shitter.

*SPOILER, but don't worry about it because you weren't going to watch this stinker anyways*

The true failing of this film is the ending... they decided for a pat ending instead of going for the jugular and making something unsettling. There is supposed to be some kind of "message" with the cable signal going out during the verdict of the child-actor murderer on trial sub-plot, but it holds no weight because the entire sub-plot is more or less inconsequential to the film. With Carrey's "I'm going to kill the babysitter (aka TV)" line, the movie turns from a tale of a normal guy who is being harassed by a sociopath into an Aesop-fable on the danger of television on young minds.

It would have been much more effective if someone had died. I don't know why they tried to evoke sympathy for Carrey's character at the end. It only made a bad movie worse (but not as bad as Envy). ;)
A different type of comedy for Jim Carrey...not that that's a bad thing.

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