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I spent the weekend sick in bed and ended up watching several movies on cable, pay per view and DVD. I blame Benadryl and two days of waking fever dreams on certain choices, including the four titles I am listing here. Here is today's Must Miss List:

The Bucket List : I knew going into this that I wouldn't like it. The trailer made it look like absolute treacle - sort of a Lifetime movie for men. What I didn't anticipate was just how much I wouldn't like. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman play a couple of terminally ill cancer patients who each make a list of things that want want to do before they die. The once-great Rob Reiner directs the proceedings with a heavy hand; devoid of any true wit or imagination.

The Happening : Something in the wind is making people kill themselves. Twenty minutes into this sophomoric M. Night Shyamalan movie I wanted to kill myself as well.

Speed Racer : It sounded like movie heaven when it was announced that the Wachowski Brothers (co-directors of The Matrix) were going to direct a big budget, live action version of the cult Japanese cartoon Seed Racer. The final product was something less than divine. 95% of this film is CG, which begs the question 'why bother to make it live action?' Over long and poorly-acted (even for a comic book movie), the main problem is that the action sequences contain zero suspense. Disappointing considering the Wachowski's previous efforts.

The Love Guru : Another jeuvenile cartoon from self-satisfied comedian Mike Myers. Very similar in style and substance to the Austin Powers fanchise, right down to the lazy double entendres and grade school potty humor. This time we follow another "zany" archetype called Guru Pitka (Myers) as he attempts to help the romantic problems of a hockey player played by singer Justin Timberlake. Even Austin Powers fans hated this one.
I enjoyed this movie, a bit like Mel gisbons movie but well done. exciting

the incredible hulk
Better than the first but still not my fav action star


27 Dresses
Girl movie for sure

The Bucket List
Two old farts trying to make a movie
This was a very sad and enteraining movie. This was the first time that two of the business's best actors came together to make a movie, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman! This movie made me cry and laugh and just feel and think. I think that this movie is very underapprieciated from the reviews that I have seen! This movie has inspired me too make a "Bucket List" before it is too late, even though I am young!
great performances and was a great little story.....
such a great movie laughter and tears!. if your a girl do not watch this with your man. I cried and cried.
Really good film! Made me laugh! Very sad at the end!
Quantum of Solace is rather weak in the story department but what can I say Im a sucker for Bond films.
Better than the critics suggest with a tomatoe score of only 41%.

The script makes you think, as does the film, (being over 45 helps I suspect).

As you would expect both lead actors are outstanding as always, however have we not seen Jack being this charater before?

Slow, but emotional, slow but sad, and did I mention it was slow?
not as good as I expected.
This should be on the worst 100 movies list. A bad script with too much shmaltz that manages to insult and poke fun at cancer and old men at the same time without being funny at all. A very predictable second act with predictable outcomes, too much conversation, and a pat ending. I still don't see how it's classified as a comedy. Even Jack Nicholson couldn't save this one.