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@meeksbam: Lol! Thank-You, Meeks! Good to know there are like-minded folks out there. Cheers. :-)
@Shinobi567 took you 25min to get a thumbs up for your comment of giving thumbs up.... Courtesy mod Meeks ;-p
@boundless: Took you seven months to get a thumbs up to your comment... Courtesy of heretical me. ;-)
This is like Fallout 3 on film... great movie!!!
This is a great movie, reminds me of how my enemies defeated me. As soon as they thought I was trying to hide something that was worth having, they sought out and were determine to find out what it was.
Denzel Washington once again deliver, solid acting from Gary Oldman as usual also , great end of world atmosphere and plot, a well deserved 8/10
Wonderful movie one of my all time Favorites . 10/10
best movie, music, sound, script all perfect. 10/10
Luv thx mOvie :)
Love this Movie !!!
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