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An excellent movie. All I can say is if you are reading the comments before watching... this movie is worth the time to watch. Some viewers will appreciate seeing the human condition with a deeper message and others will enjoy the action in the post-apocalyptic setting. All around great acting, engaging story, and an interesting ending. Enjoy.
Strange movie. Fascinating. Very interesting.
@oldshuntr @hawtdam - Ditto, I think this is my 3rd watch..love this freaking movie..
probably my favorite movie. i've seen it at least four times and i rarely watch a movie more than once
Great movie. I've actually watched it a couple of times. Possibly one of his best roles ever!
Watched the equalizer the other day.
made me think of watching this again so I did..
Pretty good flick, probably my 2nd or 3rd time watching it.
If you don't know.. then pay attention at the end anyway.
If you do know.. then watch for evidence. All I can say.
Enjoy it.
@meeksbam: Lol! Thank-You, Meeks! Good to know there are like-minded folks out there. Cheers. :-)
@Shinobi567 took you 25min to get a thumbs up for your comment of giving thumbs up.... Courtesy mod Meeks ;-p
@boundless: Took you seven months to get a thumbs up to your comment... Courtesy of heretical me. ;-)
This is like Fallout 3 on film... great movie!!!
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