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The Amazing Spider-Man 2012

After Peter Parker is bitten by a genetically altered spider, he gains newfound, spider-like powers and ventures out to solve the mystery of his parent's mysterious death...

Release Date:
July 3, 2012
136 min
Marc Webb ...
Michael Massee, Kent Shocknek, Irrfan Khan, Tia Texada, Anthony Del Negro, Stan Lee, Keith Campbell, Martin Sheen, Danielle Burgio, Sally Field, Michael Papajohn, Tabitha Taylor, Jennifer Lyons, Andrea Sixtos, Eric Silver, Chelan Simmons, Rhys Ifans, Skyler Gisondo, George F. Watson, Andrew Garfield, Andy Pessoa, Vincent Laresca, Stephen Stanton, C. Thomas Howell, Embeth Davidtz, Denis Leary, Emma Stone, Ethan Cohn, Amber Stevens, Bryan Friday, Jill Flint, Adam Masnyk, Hannah Marks, Jay Caputo, Chris Vaina, Barbara Eve Harris, Campbell Scott, John Burke, Ken Edling, Shashawnee Hall, Annie Parisse, Steve DeCastro, Martin Papazian, Kevin McCorkle, David Beckett, Marmee Cosico, Chris Smith, Terry Bozeman, Alan Pietruszewski, Ty Upshaw, Amanda MacDonald, Michael Barra, John Scurti, Chris Zylka, Maury Morgan, Kari Coleman, Derek Hedlund, Kelsey Chow, Max Charles, Jake Keiffer, Gavin Bryson Thompson, Max Bogner, Salomon Passariello, James Chen, Teena Byrd, BreAnna Chérie Wittman, Alexander Bedria, Patrick Alan Davis, Stephanie Gould, Jeremy McLain, Leif Gantvoort, Megan Taylor, Milton González, Mark Daugherty, Miles Elliot, Charlie DePew, Chad Bennett, Bryan Boone, Tom Waite, Matt Nicholas, Olivia Hoff, Hannah Lloyd, Jacob Rodier, Jeffrey Fox, Francis Jimmy, Corinne Vien, Kelly Southerland, Phoenix Bird, Max Charles, Chris Smith, Kam Dabrowski, Damien Lemon, Andy Gladbach, Ring Hendricks-Tellefsen, John Burke, Jennifer Lyons, Roy Pollack, Amy Novondo, Matthew Alan Brady, Melissa Jane Rodriguez, Kaitlyn Dommers, David Beckett, Tyler Jameson Martinez, Matt Martin ...
Thriller, Action, Adventure, Fantasy ...

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Imdb rating: 7.1

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compared to the old spider man movies this really was amazing. It was so much more realistic and a bit like Batman in the way that they have made their gadgets. He hasn't just suddenly grown the mutation to shoot webs he has made a machine that does it. The spider doesn't happen to bite him, he falls in to the experimental webs trying to find a place to hide. The new actor for this spiderman is so much better than the old peter parker, just my opinion here but this one is much better looking and shows more emotion, all in all it's worth a watch.

thats really amazin!!!

I thought it was decent, much better than the others and much closer to the original comic. A little cheesy and Hollywood towards the end but I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless ;) 8/10.

It would appear that there are people lying through their fingers when they claim a link is DVD quality. Maybe you shot it with a good camera. Fine... Still a cam. Maybe you just weren't sure if you only got the link from another site. Fine.... But c'mon now. Not 3 minutes into the movie and I'm screaming "Down in front!" at my TV set. Obviously not DVD quality.

wow this movie looks so cool but as far as the story goes it was a let down.

Andrew Garfield vs. Tobias Maguire. Touchdown. Brilliantly done. Well worth watching, it will restore your faith in Spiderman all over again. 9/10

9.8/10 Much better than the 2002 film. The story line and act is much more human, deep, and meaningful along with better special effects and action scenes. The characters seem to have much more reason and inspiration for what they do and say. Very enjoyable. I saw it in the theater and again here. I plan to buy the DVD.

The "Cast" list should include the actor who played the villain (Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard) "Rhys Ifans" so that when his works are searched, it is included in the other films he is tagged in on this website.

i think its bit of a ripoff!

the other one is better

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