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The Adjustment Bureau 2011

The affair between a politician and a ballerina is affected by mysterious forces keeping the lovers apart...

Release Date:
March 4, 2011
106 min
George Nolfi ...
John Slattery, Jennifer Ehle, Matt Damon, George Aloi, Chris Kerson, RJ Konner, Emily Blunt, Gail Bruno, Edward M. Kelahan, Joel de la Fuente, Danielle McKee, Michael Kelly, John Mitchell, James Carville, Anthony Mackie, Uzimann, Peter Benson, Paul Thornton, Charles Santy, Lorenzo Pisoni, Mark J. Parker, Sonny Vellozzi, Mike DiGiacinto, Juan-Pablo Veiza, Jon Stewart, Brian Haley, Dan Marshall, Natalie Carter, Daniel R Cooper, Peter Epstein, Terence Stamp, Ramon Flowers, Brian Mahoney, Billy Lee, Michael Bloomberg, Florence Kastriner, Purva Bedi, Eva Kaminsky, Gregory Lay, Todd Fredericks, Paul Weaver, Anthony Ruivivar, Greg Paul, Jennifer Gable, Jeff Joslin, Antoine Von Boozier, Jason Kravits, Chuck Scarborough, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Johnny Cicco, Don Hewitt, Skippy D, Liam Ferguson, Debbie Lang, Tony Kost, Marmee Cosico, Maria Di Angelis, Sandra Berrios, Stacy Lynn Spierer, Scott Duffy, Bart Wilder, Kirsty Meares, Jessica Lee Keller, Pedro Pascal, Shane McRae, David Alan Basche, Venida Evans, Julie Hays, Rich Campbell, Donnie Keshawarz, Johnathan Hallgrey, Anna Kuchma, Kar, Peter Jay Fernandez, Rob Yang, Fabrizio Brienza, Christine Lucas, David Bishins, Kieran Campion, Brit Whittle, Lawrence R. Leritz, Bettina Skye, Kate Nowlin, Kirk LaSalle, Susham Bedi, Ali Khan, Joe Polito, Marty Krzywonos, Jared Acosta, Chris Haemmerle, Larry Goldstein, John J. Schneider, Glenn Patrick Glenn, Rick Pantera, Laura Chinn, Daniela Mercado, Rosemary Howard, Sandi Carroll, B.J. Parker, Lauren Hodges, Rhona Fox, Meghan Andrews, Sarah Bradford, Renee Michelle Brown, Joe Rusnak, Emilio Aquino, Temur Mamisashvili, Jim Buckley, Caitlin Benya, Alexandra Trofimenko, Alexander Baliev, John Bernhardt, Marc Bicking, Rohit Gaur, Jian, George Lin, David Macerelli, Leroy McClain, Wayne Scott Miller, Chuk Ogbonna, Alina Okshteyn, Edgar Ribon, Pooja Singh, Aspen Steib, Shohreh Tolou, Brian James Pepe, Byron Habinsky, Bejay Rose, Phyllis MacBryde, Gregory P. Hitchen, Darrell Lenormand, Susan D. Michaels, Mary Matalin, Amanda Warren, Lisa Thoreson, Sandhi Santini, Laurie Dawn, Betty Liu, Jim Edward Gately, Kyoko Bruguera, David Gregoire, Michael Boyne, Daniel Bazile, Mike DiSalvo, Dina Cataldi, Paul DiPaola, Benoit-Swan Pouffer, Kylie Fox, Dushawn Moses, Robert Shulman, Devon Diep, Victoria Gates, Harold Bridgeforth, Robert Leckington, John Mitchell, Ali Khan, Natalie Carter, Mark Perrone, Peter Benson, Jeffrey Mowery, Karen Piczon, Ashley Cynthia Stauffer, Laura Martinelli ...
Thriller, Romance, Sci-Fi, Fantasy ...

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Solar rating: 8.4


Imdb rating: 7.1

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Can't believe i never heard of this. So good....8.5/10
a 'has to watch movie'
Reminds me of an event that happened to several people in the day of 911 they were all supposed to be in the building but by miracle something happened to all of them which delayed them
Great movie.
love this movie. probably my favorite movie about love
Here is a good movies
Watched this some years ago... I couldn't wait to see it when I first heard about it (a sci-fi romance thriller based on a Philip K. Dick story? Cool!), and I was super disappointed when I finally saw it. Inconsistent, silly, boring and slow... God? Angels? Couldn't they have came up with a more creative, original explanation for the adjustments? The whole thing about the hats-- unfittingly fantastical and ridiculous. And the ending? Anticlimactic! :( The original story is miles better!
very interesting story.. at first it's - oh,no - politicians?!
but then it takes a tangent.. i've had trouble with those "adjustment angels" my whole life - hey! i'm th' one wha's been sentenced to this world; i'm doin' it MY way.. sheesh.. hahaha
Been a while since I watched this. I am glad I came back to watch it again. Great movie.
Awesome movie I loved it
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